can't get high!!! aaaahhh help me!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by daiseyduked, Sep 29, 2002.

  1. wtf!!! i just can't get high. i get a bit of a buzz but i'm smokin lots. i smoked 2-1/8ths by myself in 6days and just bought another yesterday! this has never happend to me before. do i just stop smokin for a couple days or is there something i can do? if anyone could help me out, i would much appreciate it! thnx.
  2. Two eighths in six days, you lucky bastard an eighth only lasts me a day if that ;)
  3. eighth..getting me high...hahahahah!!!hahahah!!!!

    yeah, take a couple days off..a week or so...itull be fine :D

  4. I hear that. =)

  5. Try stronger bud
  6. much better now. thnx lol!! just slowed er down for a couple days. weird though it's never happened before. i'm just glad it's over!
    an eighth a day! $$that's alot of pot lol$$! well for me i guess, lol whatever blows your hair back, just keep on a puffin..
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