Can't get a girlfriend?

Discussion in 'General' started by mY NaME is bOb, Oct 14, 2007.

  1. I like my women to be real

  2. as crazy and annoying as they are sometimes ill stick to humans please
  3. lol, this reminds me of people that buy those real dolls - they are like 5 grand or something and I was watching this show on people that buy them and set them up in their house and one guy was talking about how it's amazing cuz he can just fuck it whenever he wants and how you can't do that with a real woman cuz they have feelings and are human and I was just sitting there thinking to myself ... wow, some people are just really fucked up:confused:
  4. What sex positions are they available in?
  5. I'd hit it. :D
  6. lol when i first saw that article this morning on MSN i couldn't believe it.. whos gunna marry a robot? i bet in the future you can make mad cash pimpin out robots hah
  7. sooooooo overrated
  8. hey as long as it likes bdsm and ass to mouth fucking, i'll get one
  9. Anyone ever seen The Sixth Day? There was a part where Arnold's best friend has this hologram girl that basically is hot as fuck and does whatever you want but still seems entirely real. I would most definitely get one of those and so would every other man in the world.

    There was also some doohickey that went on his head and I guess made it feel like she was blowin' you or some shit like that. God damn I want the future to be now.

  10. you can marry a robot, not even human, before you can have a gay marriage




    plus, i dont care how real it feels, it has NO SOUL...
  11. Hmm this raises some thought pravoking questions:

    Will the US be more accepting of gay marriages, or robot marriages?

    Will the robot be entitled to half of the possesions if divorced?

    What do you do with a robot you wish to divorce?

    Will a couple with a robot spouse be able to adopt?

    Will the make robot children so you can have a family?

  12. The pinnacle of human development would be to create such a robot, only not including an On/Off switch and programming it to constantly repeat "THIS PLACE IS A FUCKING MESS, WHY DON'T YOU GET A JOB?!"
  13. Good idea! Can we train them to grow too?

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