Can't figure this out.

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by brown-bear, Jul 16, 2017.

  1. Bad advice? Maybe , Depends on which club you're in...Every Religion in the world offers "bad advice" to those of a different faith ...Just gotta choose which "faith" you like , and pick your own "preachers"...
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  2. Came home from work looking better today. Burnt leaves don't feel as dry either[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  3. No, I just mean wrong. There's opinion and there's science. Often her posts make huge assumptions of a grower and she gives them cooky advice. When it's about someone's sick plants that they've invested a ton into - and she's totally leading them down the wrong path - yeah, I'll speak up.
  4. LMFAO - almost in control is correct. Which is why most of us invest the $60 so that WE can be in control.
  5. So this is YOUR advice,PROFESSOR ??? One plant out the bunch with a couple of dying leaves...Yeah, That's great advice ,Boss.:makeup:
  6. Jesus guys. I thought cannabis was supposed to bring everyone together. How are they looking for 30 days?

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  7. I asked a fucking QUESTION to help figure it out. I didn't offer fucking advice yet.

    Jesus dude... Issues much?

  8. You're not even trying to help this person at all. The only thing you've done is ridicule everyone that uses a meter or offered help. I see nothing of value from you whatsoever.
  9. Yeah...I do have issues with Know-It-Alls that think nobody else could possibly be as smart as you are.
  10. AND - I didn't pick out a couple of leaves and point to an issue. The OP posed a question and some rational people were trying to help until you jacked the thread with your organics-by-the-seat-of-your-pants method.

  11. Likewise.
  12. I haven't challenged your growing methods of said that you don't know anything. Yeah, I think it's stupid to NOT pH your water - but who am I to tell you how to do it. It's working for you good - but recognize that your seat of the pants method won't work for everyone and that a $60 meter might just be the fix they need.

    If tis makes me a know it all that thinks I'm better than you - you must have an inferiority complex and a very fragile ego.
  13. Wasn't even talking about me...It's about others you been trashing here for no good reason.
  14. Ah - you're a White Widow fan - or husband maybe?

    It's not just me - she spews ridiculous advice based on all sorts of assumptions before even asking questions. Hate me for correcting misinformation - that's fine. But I'll speak up if I see advice that I disagree with
  15. OK...Let's just burn one here and be friends...I need to burn one now..LOL
  16. True. Everyone has their own methods, everyone's growing situation is different. Your water is different, access to certain soils and nutrients are different. When it comes down to it were all obviously enthusiasts. I take everyone's advice into consideration unless it's obvious bull shit. I appreciate you guys giving some advice. Now chill the fuck out and take some huge bong rips

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  17. cant see pics yet dunno if your issue was sorted but pics will come back in a bit im sure but i hope youve been sorted out.

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