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Can't eat when on a break?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by sylvie, Apr 16, 2016.

  1. hi, 18 y/o girl here, been smoking regularly - once-twice a day without fail - for about a year. currently on day 2 of an accidental break due to traveling and I just can't eat.

    food doesn't sound good or bad usually, like I don't get cravings but i also don't feel sick thinking about food or eating. I can make myself eat a snack without much problem but at mealtime even if I really like what's on the table I'll take about 2 or 3 bites and feel full and have to force myself to eat more.

    right now I'm starving but I can't think of a food that I want to eat, and I know if I got any food I'd probably end up eating a bite or two before throwing it out. now that I think about it I've had this feeling since before I stopped smoking (i recently made some dietary changes, I'm GF now as well as vegan, and started taking some dietary supplements and I was blaming it on that) but these past two days have been way more intense.

    Note: I don't get the munchies to the degree other people do, like I do get them but it's more like I'll eat a dessert worth of food rather than a binge worth. I've always had a massive appetite since I was a baby, always been really good at feeding myself when I'm hungry, and been firmly within the average weight range all my life. What's the deal? How can I fix this? Anyone have stories to share?
  2. Welcome to the world of a long term toker.

    Everyone I know that has smoked on a regular basis for an extended period of time ( including me) has run into this issue.

    It's my firm belief that it becomes an associated behavior. Meaning the routine of smoking then getting munchies and eating becomes a part of how you eat. Let's say weed is X and Y is food.

    Your body/brain becomes accustom to having you consume X in order to be interested in Y. Without X to tell you that it's time to get Y, your brain tells your stomach you're not hungry.

    I eat 2 meals a day, snack occasionally between. I love food, it's my career and it sucks when I'm not high cause I'm not interested in it.
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  3. EDIT: Did you always toke right before eating? If so, then @Baked Bread Baker is probably right.

    However, I'd say loss of appetitie is a pretty normal reaction to weed "withdrawal". You should be able to get "back to normal" in 3-7 days.

    But to make sure you're staying healthy, you should try to make sure you're drinking enough water to pee clear, and eat as much as you can of things that are "lower" in calories but high in nutrients like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.
  4. I know how you feel. When I take T-breaks (which is only when I'm forced to) I'd be starving, but nothing sounded appetizing.

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