Can't carve out my niche in life!

Discussion in 'General' started by Alphå, Oct 6, 2007.

  1. I still havent figured it out!

    I think I want to join the military. I really want to be infantry. 0311.

    But I dont know. I'm a born fighter, but whats there to do when theres nothing rightious to fight for?

    A job in the civilian sector would be nice. Maybe in the keys as a marine ecologist or diving instructor. Or a park ranger in some forest somewhere.

    I just dont think I can hack out the rest of the time to get my degree. Its a big joke, this world and its money driven.... well.... Its just money driven.

    I dont know. I'd be happy with a never ending supply of marijuana and food.
  2. Haha, I hear ya bro. I ship out to Airforce bootcamp on Monday...

    I would look into it. If you DON'T want to fight, the airforce is amazing. They have a higher quality of life, over any branch. I was going to join the marines, I was combat-ready. The military isn't a bad option, you just have to choose between bud, and a different life. It's a tough choice for sure. I hope you make the right choice for you, whatever it is.

    Talk to a recruiter, and tell them what you wanna do. The Navy or Airforce would be great for you. Little chance of combat, a much better life, and so many opportunities. It's a brave thing to want to join the military. It really is a sacrifce.
  3. hah yea i feel ya, i'd be happy for the rest of my life if i could just have a small shack on the beach with plentiful food and weed.

    almost everyday now i think about possibly joining the military, just to try something new in my life. one of my best friends who is in the marines is about to go to Iraq here shortly, i really hope he stays safe. while he was at some base in North Carolina he actually got some medals for shooting this crazy guy who was strapped with bombs that was driving at high speeds towards the military base. he's a great friend, one that i can really trust, damn i can't wait til he comes back hah..
  4. Well heres the thing about the military and I... Ever since I was a very young kid I wanted to enlist. I'm talking ever since I was 4 or 5 years old. All through my childhood, I was the kid that was obsessed with the military. I watched war movies, played a lot of scenario paintball, I played ALL the military shooter games.

    I pretty much grew up knowing that I wanted to enlist. Then I slowly learned about the real world and decided I wanted to prosper. Make some money you know.

    But what the fuck.

    What am I leaving behind?
    What do I have to lose?

    I dont know. I gotta finish this year of school anyways, then I can make crazy decisions.
  5. Considering the single best thing about joining the US Armed Forces is all the fiscal benefits, it'd kind of be like you are selling yourself out to the very thing that you despise most about this world.

    I am gathering that you don't like the fact that this world is money driven... but if you simply want to become a part of the machine and get what's yours, then go for it. It seems like you're pursuing a degree for financial reasons, so joining the military for the same reasons stands to reason.

    But remember, the niche you'll find in the Military isn't going to be your niche, it's going to be the Government's niche for you. But of course, you could very well end up loving whatever you do... or you could hate it. Joining the Military probably isn't a wise decision to "find your niche." Now, if you can find something you think you'll love in the Military, then it's about the best route one could take this day and age.

    No doubt the war machine takes care of it's pawns.
  6. I was 0311 in the 1/26th Marines for 4 years. Joined right out of high school. Looong time ago.

    Don't join under an open contract. Don't get a combat MOS today unless you really enjoy hot, arid towns in the Middle East where everyone is desperate to kill you. There's a war on, ya know?

    The financial aid is there, (maybe even more so today, my hitch was up in '84) take advantage of it.

    There is a lot of good and bad that comes with the military. All in all, I would have to say it was indeed a positive experience for me.

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