Cannibalism in North Korea Reported in Official Documen

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  1. Cannibalism in North Korea Reported in Official Document

    North Korea has always been, well, horribly terrifying, due in part to its secretive nature, diminutive dictator, and now cannibalism.

    Leaked documents have apparently revealed that cannibalism, that much maligned activity made popular by a group of rugby players in the Andes, has occurred in North Korea due to an extreme shortage of food.


    The report was obtained by the Caleb Mission in South Korea, which subsequently revealed that cannibalism had taken place in the secretive country. One report described a situation wherein a male guard was so hungry that he killed a colleague with an ax, ate some of him, then sold the rest described as mutton.

    The document, which checks in at 791-pages, is called a “Manual for workers in law enforcement,” details 721 different criminal cases, most of which dealt with food, and five of which dealt with cannibalism. Some however have doubted the veracity of the contents in the report, though most believe it to be fact.

    Robert King, U.S. special envoy on North Korean rights, led a team that revealed that the food issue wasn't a widespread crisis, though there are significant shortages in some area of the country.
  2. They need to revolt. Until then, it's their fault collectively for allowing this to happen to them. That whole peninsula needs to clean up their act and become a united Korea.

    Anyone disagree?
  3. I'm glad it's not to the point of cannibalism in my area, as of now I'm not ok with the though of eating a fellow human, but if I HAD to, I honestly probably would.

  4. How? information is brutally suppressed. People live in fear of the dictator and there's a non stop 24/7 365 day a year propaganda dis-information campaign to make sure everyone in the country thinks the leader is the god.

    Their country is the most isolated in the entire world. Its hard to even start a revolution let alone carry one out to fruition.
  5. I would too, but I would never kill another man to eat him. If I was starving and found a dead guy, well, you gotta do what you gotta do.
  6. Situations like this one never last. This will end eventually and inevtiably. Either violently or peacefully.
    "You can fool some people sometimes but you can't fool all the people all the time."
  7. [ame=]‪I ate His liver with some fava beans...‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]
  8. Cannibalism has being going on in the US for years...

    Cannibalism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Maybe they are just copying this US craze ?
  9. Cannibalism isn't a "US craze", it's a phenomenon that has been happening since the dawn of man.

  10. I don't know Johnny...
    The average American is shall we say "plumper" than the rest of us lesser Earth dwellers...
    I think that if a scientific study was to be carried out you would find a direct link between those plump American bottoms and cannibalism...

    Missing person - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Missing my ass, more like eaten...:eek:
  11. haaaahaha holy shit that explains everything!
    I knew pancakes with syrup and bacon for breakfast could never double a person in size!

  12. Indeed Johnny...

    I have done extensive research over the last 2 minutes and found even more scientific evidence that proves my American cannibalism theory...
    You put me on the right path with your remark regarding their rabid appetite for bacon and all things pork...

  13. Human bacon?

    Havent tried that one yet.

  14. Oh yeah that proves it.
  15. thats easier said then done brah

  16. It is definitely not a "US craze". Cannibalism has been involved in many areas of the world, and there are plenty of isolated tribes (who know nothing of the US) that practice it as well.
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    That u know about lol.

  18. Never said it was specifically a US custom but all the scientific evidence points to an epidemic and after an extensive 2 minutes of research i can confirm that there is a Cannibalism Craze sweeping the US...

    US Cannibalism Run...
    The real question we should be asking is how can we stop this UCR ?

    Soon people will be taking bites out of each other on the street...:eek:

  19. At least I don't see women getting stoned to death, car bombs, and propoganda everywhere. The US is more civilised than that. You cannot make a sweeping generalization based off a few unique cases. Every society has its problem members. Most murderers in the US don't eat their victims.

  20. What about all these missing people ?

    How do you know they have not been consumed ?

    I would bet my right ball that there are more people eaten in the US every year than in N Korea...

    Oh and the US is the home of propaganda... TV...

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