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  1. Hey guys,

    I'm wondering if anyone is familiar here with any of the seed strains from Cannaventure.

    I know most of you are preoccupied with your current outdoor grows, but I'm just wondering if anyone could tell me if any of the new lines that they are coming out with would be well suited for outdoors.

    I'm looking mainly for a strain that would have some degree of powdery mildew resistance, and that finishes early.

    I have heard and seen their Purple Berry BX, and I am wondering if this could be a good choice for the next year's grow. They are coming out with a drop soon and would not want to miss the chance to get it so I can get a head start this winter.

    Let me know if you have any advice on any of their strains (or better yet has personal experience with their strains outdoors), their gear definitely looks bomb


  2. Hi ragingchild

    First let me say that this is the time of year to plan next years grow. You can see the location of the sun at this critical time of year and how it will shine on your plants.

    Raginchild, ive grown probably 150 strains or more, mostly outdoors, and its my view that while there are a very few strains that have some resistance to PM, there isnt a single one that wont catch the disease if its rampant and concentrated in the enviroment of the grow. Its a tough fungus and it can infect untreated cannabis, regaurdless of strain and kill it. Some strains that are resistant may not completely die, but imo growth and yeild is negatively effected big time.

    I know quite a few old time growers and i feel all would advise you that treatment is the only hope you have against pm period. Liquid Copper does a decent job and is approved for organic gardening but you have to use 2 tbsp per gallon and treat the plant thouroghly every 2 weeks,(unless it rains and then retreat) during the prime danger period of Aug - early sept. Most growers now days use a systemic called IMmunox by spectricide. Its perfectly safe as long as you have 30 days between your last app and harvest. It is a very good product and ive used it for several years now.

    Regaurding the cannaventure strains. Let me tell you of a rock solid rule that older experienced growers live by. Never ever bet your entire harvest and smoke for next year on a strain that you dont have any idea if it will thrive and finish successfully at your lat. They would one and all advise you to grow a proven outdoor performer at your lat for your main crop and then if you have attractive but unproven strains your interested in, grow a couple of plants out and see how they do. If they perform well then next year you can go for it. If they cant handle bug attacks or are lethargic in growth and dont perform well then you havent lost all of your smoke for next year by choosing it..

    So many of the strains we have to choose from now days are indoor strains. Theyve been bred and grown indoors for generations and have lost the ability to fend off the perils of outdoor growing from disease to pests. By far, most of the strains on the market cant come close to the performance of a good, vigorous outdoor strain. Choosing a strain that wont perform is probably the #1 reason for failed crops.

    Just me, but my advice would be for you to get yourself a kick ass OD strain and then buy a pack of the cannaventure stuff to test for vigor/finish/performance in your enviroment.

    Good luck.
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    Hey clodhopper,

    Thank you for taking the time to post a well written reply, I really appreciate it.

    PM is unfortunately one of my biggest concerns outdoors because it has NOT failed to fuck with my ladies. It's coming back this year again. I have taken countermeasures with the copper sulphate solutions on both occasions as well as treating with neem oil early this time around. The first year outdoors was my first grow and I learned a hell of a lot. I didn't even know about PM until I realized a bit late something was very wrong. While the copper does tone it down and reduce progression, it doesn't completely eradicate it. I will research your IMmunox and see if I can't incorporate it in the future if it looks promising.

    The main problem I see with PM is that high hanging nearby vegetation likes to spread it, and forests are really nasty for this. While it is relatively hardmless during veg, if it isn't aggresively treated it will spread to the buds as I learned from my first grow. I lost some of my white widow buds to bud rot due to a massive shitstorm deluge and scrapped some because I found it on closely-examined buds with my handheld microscope.

    You bring up a very good point with the indoor strains. It seems to me that most if not all the companies are focusing on delivering and breeding indoor-only strains of bomb ass random kushes OG alien jedi kosher skywalker etc. etc... and very few I have seen tailor outstanding outdoor strains. I can attest to this because out of all the strains I've done out, the OG KUSH from RP is the most finicky and requires pampering during veg to just help it along.

    These types of strains are very well known for producing lick-the-floor highs but I realized after the test run this year that this type of strain would not be usited for a hardcore woods guerilla style grow. I was considering preparing some OG clones for the next summer but I am starting to see that it would be very tough to successfully bring them to term.

    Although I don't have extensive finances to order too many strains or the experience to be able to handle several at a time, do you have any great suggestions for two outdoor strains that you have personally grown and would recommend? Just FYI I live in the southern part of canada.

    My main criteria would be:
    -Colors (Haters can hate but!-I want to grow anything that has red or purple hues. I would really enjoy growing something out of this world with coloration like the purple berry or Grandma Guhendi's 2011 Purple Diesel grow looked outstanding! I know this is mostly dependent on temps but ... there are strains that are predisposed )
    -Quality (Something with outstanding taste for vaping and bonghits)

    -Early finisher (late sept would be great!)

    potency/high--> I'm looking for something actually low key, more cerebral and ACTIVE high, I don't really like being fucked up because I have a very active lifestyle. (so probably a sativa)

    If anyone else can chime it that would be great, I'm planning on doing a nice plan for next year and scoping out a place for myself this time around, and actually preparing the spot.

  4. Female seeds- purple maroc Easy sativa
    Outdoor grapefruit.
    I'm in Florida and I always have a couple of these growing every year because they don't seem to mold near as fast.
    I also have some of the fast nevilles haze which is supposed to be an 8 week haze growing right now and I can attest to these strains toughness.
  5. Hey RC

    Ive been fighting leaf septoris for the past 4 yrs. Like pm, it ruins the grow and is hard to kill. Ive done tons of research and have finally defeated my plague and can help you with yours because the same principles apply. Funguses are funguses- pm, septoris,blyte, theyre all killers.

    The key RC is prevention. The pm and septoris can be prevented with the immunox. But trying to cure the disease once the plant has it is difficult and often ineffective. Prevention is the only successful path. Its completely preventable but nearly incurable.

    I hit my plants in late june with one dose of immunox, another dose early july and a 3rd in late july and the plants simply never get the disease and the same will be true with the Pm. YOu can prevent it but you cant cure it. Get some immunox man. It will fix the problem. I lost all of my crop for 2 years and for 2 more got a 1/3 harvest. This year im busting the seems out. Every one of my babies is healthy, big and ready to flower.

    Strains? Yeah buddy. Biddy Early RC. Serious has it in stock right now in fems. It turns purplish red in late flower but oh man it has a sweet, vanilla taste and the nicest smell. Potency is better than average and the high is nice. Balanced and not couchlocky. Of all of the early strains ive grown, its quality. Stellar in every way. Not the biggest yeilder. Plants grow to about 6' and yeild 8ozs, but its sweet sweet nectar and the plants are beautiful.

    Dianfems Blue Widow is an early flowerer and fast. It finishes in 60 days outdoors and yields big. The plants turn blue starting about mid sept and are dark blue by Oct. 1. They get big if left to grow. Mine get to about 8' and yeild 1lb. Its really fruity smelling and tasting and has an up, social buzz. Its a good strain.

    I know of others.
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    Thanks for the replies guys.

    I have heard of Purple Maroc and Biddy, I think I might just give one of them a try.

    I'm very sad that you mention the Blue Widow clod, very very sad! I got a seed as a freebie from the tude a year or so back and started it early inside and unfortunately had to give it away because at 4'' tall it STANKED. And I mean it stanked fucking hard. It was a good ass stank...sometimes I'd go to check up on it and just to smell the top and I would literally get a buzz from smelling it like a oz of stanky ass dank was opened. It permeated the house pretty much, all the other strains I've started in where nowhere near the smell of this thing, so it had to go.

    I really regret not keeping it or putting it outside myself, but I start shit super early april and it wasn't possible to put it out yet. I thought to myself man if it smells this stanky now can you just imagine what the finished product must be like!

    So, I think I might order one or two of the Blue Widows just to really do justice.

    Clodhopper, I have done some extensive hunting of this bloody goddamn Immunox, it's hard to get by in Canada. But I found a place. Is this the right bottle you use? Spectracide 51000 Immunox Multi-Purpose Fungicide, 16-Ounce Concentrate: Patio, Lawn & Garden

    There's a few Immunox types for different things, but I'd guess one would go with this one since it is labeled to be ok with nuts and fruits. If you use something else let me know, but I guess you obviously would not spray when it starts flowering.

    I'll order it ASAP, one of my strains has yet to start flowering so it might not be too late to try to use it (obviously won't be able to use it as a preventative this time around), if not I'll have it for next year since it's a concentrate and shouldn't run out too quick.

    Thanks for the help guys, any other interesting strains that people have come across?

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    Yep, thats it RC. There are different types of the chemical used in immunox and differnt requirements. Many growers use "Eagle 20" for pm, but Eagle 20 is about 70% of the active ingredient and thats too much and has the potential of staying on the plant. Many of the forumlations like Eagle 20, are used on Golf courses and other commercial apps and arent intended for VEGETABLES. Immunox is about 20% if i remember correctly and is approved for vegetable growing.

    Here you go RC. Ive grown probably 20 or more early strains from Early Pearl to Guerilla Gold and BE is at the top of my list.

    Marijuana Strain Library - Biddy Early Marijuana Strain

    HERE's a good grow report

    Here's a good indoor Blue Widow grow

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