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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Blunt Ashez, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. Was just wondering if it would be possible to somehow bake a turkey and make it an edible? By edible I mean thc infused.
  2. Easiest way, get one of those turkey injectors that are an over-sized hypodermic syringe. Inject canna-oil or tincture into the meat. It would keep the meat moister, too!

    I think I would infuse the canna-oil with some poultry seasoning, too for extra flavor!

    Alternate way- just add ground bud to the stuffing!

  3. Mmmm. That would be very delicious. Sadly Im having chinese takeout for thanksgiving.
  4. Mmm that sounds so good! I'll be with my friend in Miami for Christmas and we have a lot of good connects down there with crazy dank bud.. maybe we'll make canna-roast.
  5. Spread cannabutter all over it? Let it soak up? Or inject it. Either way I really don't know shit about making an edible turkey lol!
  6. Lol, it's thanksgiving so the thought came too me. Either way, gotta admit, would be pretty dope.
  7. It would be awesome, to get a nice high from just eating turkey. :D
  8. Im fuckin doin it. Bout to get granny and pops high as fuck.
  9. Who knows, maybe the pilgrims and Indians smoked bud during the feast aswell?
  10. Please tell them beforehand! Getting high and not knowing what is going on, can be frightening! We don't need them having a panic attack!

  11. Bluntz- the sails and ropes of the Mayflower were made of hemp!
  12. Yes Ma'am. :D

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