Cannaquiz no 2

Discussion in 'General' started by Ronley, Jun 13, 2001.

  1. Hello to Everyone,

    I am the Cannawinner no 1.
    My friend and I returned home from Holland and Hemp city Haarlem on Monday, after spending a week with Nol, who is the owner of 3 coffee shops and The Global hemp Museum in Haarlem. He is also the organiser of this quiz.
    The 1st. prize - for those of you who dont know is a full week in Haarlem Holland including flights, Hotel, and a briefcase FULL of hash and weed, and however much more i wanted to smoke. - for me and my friend.

    The Cannaguys were absolutely marvelous, they took us around to growrooms, coffee shops, toured the Hemp Museum, toured around Holland, went on the Doordste weed cup boat ride, diners, cosmic bowling, and I smoked the best of the best and as much as i wanted.
    They gave us T- shirts, ashtrays, pipes, lighters, cuppochino after cuppochino, and were just so wonderful to us.

    All the details and pictures and exactly what it is about can be found on
    there is also a registration form for entry into cannaquiz no 2. - the answers to all the questions can be found on all the sites listed. Please just check it out.

    For pictures of me and what i did, click on the cannaquiz and then click on my name- Ronley

    So for those of you who have not entered, I urge you all to enter as soon as possible it is definately definately worth it. The registration fee of $5, is really not much, and if you win, it will be the holiday of a lifetime- truely truely a memorable expierance, and even though i was constantly HIP, (highly intoxicated person) I still remeber...
    A week in Amsterdam- All expenses paid is quite a prize - then throw in all the hash and grass - for free is even better!!!


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