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cannaoil to brownies

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by adamsaints, May 9, 2011.

  1. so i made a ton of cannaoil at my house, and my house reeked. it was kinda awesome.

    Does anyone know if when i make the actual brownies with the cannaoil if it smells of bud at all? because im planning on making the brownies with my parents home. Will it smell then?
  2. I would like to know this
  3. It doesn't smell as bad, but your oven will smell slightly and there will be a slight odour of it around the kitchen.
    The main smelly part is the production of the oil though, although that's just from personal experience so it may be different for you.
  4. yeah it'll smell some sorta of roasted cannabis and nuts and brownies. Miam
  5. Recently I saw a thread asking about using seeds to make oil/butter etc.
    A few weeks ago I received an ounce of mids with like 6 grams of seeds.. Some bs but besides that.

    When I recorded it, I had 4.5 grams of seeds, cooked the seeds into some Extra Virgin Olive oil over the stove for a good 20 minutes simmering/stirring. When I decided it was at a good point, I drained the skillet into a small jar, had about 1 1/2 cup oil.(Nicely saturated I might add)

    What it smells like; like some grease from a funky ass fryer at a nasty ass restaraunt.

    I tested it out to make sure it wasn't a failure, worked alot better than what I had expected. Put the intricate oil onto a few pb and j sams, some chips and dip, and a good tbsp in some spaghetti O spaghetti, ha. All worked nicely.

    So i threw my last little about 3/4 cups of seed juiced cannaoil/(hempoil?) into some chocolate muffin mix (the mix didnt require oil, or butter for that matter, just milk) The temperature for it suggested 425 as well but I stuck with it at 380, just had to check up on them a few extra times.

    It did smell to answer your question. Not potlike though, kinda that funky weird grease smell I mentioned earlier. The brownies are quite potent though for just using a big bag of seeds!

    Hope to of helped a bit
  6. Man, next time give me your seeds and I'll trade you some bud, lol. What a waste of seeds. You can't find them around here anymore.
  7. here's the real answer. if your parents have ever smoked pot, they'll know what that smell is. if they haven't, they probably won't notice.

    truth is those brownies will taste a bit off though, they have some potent smelling oils in them.

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