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Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by boomer bumper, Jan 23, 2009.

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    Ok so the following is a recipe/method for creating a very interesting excellent substance, which me and some of my friends have come to call Cannagliss! It is a THC based substance which allows you to get an almost all-body-stone with a method that is easy to conceal!

    It increases the potency of your weed 16x, technically, although unless you are very stickly about the directions I am about to give, chances are you wont be able to wait the full time for the drops, or wont have the equipment to get the full and total potential out of the drops.

    What you need:
    1oz of good quality bud (quality does make a very big difference in this recipe!)
    1cup Food Grade Glycerine (available from your local pharmacies or drugstores or health shops)
    A glass bottle with a sealable lid… preferably metal.
    A glass dropper bottle
    Your computer exhaust or something to heat it consistently for days on end… NOT A HOT LIGHT
    You can of course use considerably less amounts of pot for this recipe. You can use as little as 1 gram of finely ground weed in 8.5ml of glycerine. Increase amounts in proportion… so 1/4oz would get a 1/4cup etc etc.

    Then you have to leave the weed in the glycerine for two full months (that’s 6 weeks!), shaking it each and every single day at least once. My first batch I shook maybe 8 times daily, and had it consistently heated 10-20 degrees Celsius above room temperature.

    This whole process can be exceedingly quickly accelerated by the extra heating and shaking. It can go from taking 6 weeks to 2, and if you have the right equipment, it can take as little as 14 hours. By simply putting mine in the exhaust of my laptop and keeping it there 24/7 except for when shaking, it was almost ready in about 2 weeks. If I had left it for another week it would have been perfect. The end product should be a pine green colour, and smell exceedingly strong.

    Once you have let the drops sit for long enough for all the thc to have dissolved into the glycerine, than you can put it into a glass dropper bottle. If you want to check the glands of the Herb to see if there is actually any THC left, examine the Herb under a microscope before putting the bud into the glycerine, then simply take a piece out of the mix when you want to check it and examine it again under the microscope… the change will be very obvious, and you will be able to see if any trichomes remain on the glands. If either you see that there is no more thc left in the pot, or you can see the colour of the glycerine turn dark… or just wait the full 2 months (this is the best bet always).

    You can use pure kief for this recipe as well, when you do this just use about 3x as much glycerine as you have kief, and put the glycerine in the bottom of a very tall and skinny bottle, then put the kief on top. Shake and heat the same as you would the normal drops. With kief you can actually see whether or not it is entirely dissolved, so simply bottle it minus the straining once everything has dissolved nicely

    If you have an autoclave, or a pharmaceutical grade glass beaker with threadlock top, than this next method is for you!

    Take 1oz of primo bud, not crushed but de-stemmed and totally and completely dried out. Toss them into a screw seal boiling beaker. Then, you must absolutely ABSOLUTELY use thread lock on the beaker. If you don’t do this, its totally pointless to even try this method. Put the bud in the beaker with 1 cup glycerine, boil in your oven or on an autoclave at 155C or 311F. Leave for 36 hours. It should be boiling for most of this time, but air should not be escaping the beaker. Remove and let cool. Upon cooling it should have separated into a green oily substance (which you want to keep) and a black thick tar, which in this case tested at 12% THC. The green oily substance in this case tested at 88% THC. The bud should have completely and totally dissolved into the glycerine. That black tar stuff is all the plant material. It can be tossed if you like… or you could try drying it and smoking it, its up to you. (Thanks to Quanium for testing this for us!)

    Once you have your drops, you can soak some of your normal bud in it to give it an extra little kick. Or you can put a few drops in a joint, or just on the top of a bowl in a bong. But by far the single best way to do this is to put just a few drops under your tongue and hold it there for about 2-3 minutes. Will make you go absolutely mad. The better herb you have, the better this concoction will be.

    Dosage numbers:
    Approximately 2-3 drops per dosage for a good time… equals about 6 bowls of good weed smoked in a bong, if the recipe is done properly.
    This means that every ounce of herb and a cup of glycerine mixture you have, you will end up with approximately 4800 drops (or 1600 doses) if strained completely.
    For only one gram of herb and 8.5ml of glycerine you will get about 60 doses at 3 drops each.
    …This is comparable to a normal approx 97 .3g bowls that you would get out of an ounce on an average basis.

    Then of course there are those of you going "Well this sounds just too good to be true!" Well here is some chemistry for you non believers! Glycerine is a sugar alcohol, and thc is alcohol soluble. Simple chemistry then shows us then that the thc will be soluble into the glycerine given enough time. Now this said, it isnt a 100% alcohol or anything near it, which is why it takes so long for it to sit. But then why use glycerine instead of everclear or something like that and just make green dragon? Well unlike other types of alcohols, sugar alcohols are able to be absorbed exceedingly easily by the arteries underneath your tongue! And when the THC binds to the glycerine, this makes it easily absorbed into your bloodstream on a direct path for your brain! The absorption of THC into the bloodstream from smoking joints sits at about 15%, the amount for using a bong ranges from 25-35% approximately, and the amount for using a vaporizer or cooking ranges from about 45-55%. With the glycerine absorption method intake has been tested with various other drugs (mixed with glycerine as tinctures) with up to 90% absorption. This should be about enough proof I think to convice most of the doubters.

    Now we all know that weed isn't unhealthy for you if taken in right, so what about glycerine?
    Well, glycerine is in your toothpaste, in lubricants, skin care products, used in cough syrups… So its safe to ingest. Is it safe to smoke? Well glycerine is an almost globally used compound in everyone's favorite flavored smoke - Shisha.

    edit: What im going to do, which has been done before i might add, is put the finished product into a spray bottle. spray it into the mouth, and let sit for a lil. should be good that way :)
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  2. can you just put it all in a pot and heat it up?
  3. killer tinctures man, great recipes easy to follow +rep:hello:
  4. jester: no, it needs to be soaked and let sit for a long time. but i guess, theoretically, you could but the effects would be much less then what it could be.

    im thinking about putting 1 or two grams in and seeing how that ends up. it seems like you get alot more use out of it if you just did this. but hey, we all like to smoke it dont we? haha
  5. I've had a tincture like that before... it works :smoking:
  6. Great thread.

    I have a question:

    When you take the drops is most of the THC digested and metabolized by your liver, or is it a direct passage into your bloodstream from the mouth?

    Edible cannabis in food doesnt work for me at all (i've tried 20+ times, usually 3x dosage), leading me to believe that my liver or stomach doesnt digest THC properly. I'm looking for a sublingual method of delivery, because I hear decarboxylated THC goes straight to your brain this way.
  7. lebowski: well this recipe is GREAT that way. with this, its not thick or hard or anything. so, you can put one or two drops right under your tounge, hold them there for 5 or 10 minutes, and it gets right into your blood stream without any need for digestion. i know friends who have done this, think of it similar to green dragon, except you can hold it in ur mouth without burning from the alcohol. thats why i wanna try this so bad, because the THC content is so high, and it gives you so much more use out of the weed.
  8. wow i'd love to try this sometime, but how long do you think it would take for a gram to soak? and it has to be constantly heated during the whole process?
  9. yea, im planning on keeping it under my heater. but thats probly going to above room temp ALOT (lol)

    what you could do is, depending on the quality of the weed, taking it out every couple days or so and checking for THC glands that still have hairs and such on em. by the time its done, the hairs would be gone and so would the crystals.

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