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Cannabutter tastes like SHIT.

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by routaruo, Feb 18, 2013.

  1. Hey what's up GC.
    So, my buddy gave me some cannabutter the other day, and man does it get you high. The only problem is.. It takes like complete shit.
    I can stand a little taste of weed, but this is very strong, and even mixed with something (Nutella is what I used last night). I still found myself gagging to get it down.
    Is there anything I can use to make it less raunchy? Maybe nutella wasn't a good idea to mix with my first time eating it. I'll be eating it relatively shortly, and am thinking about putting it on some toast with peanut butter.
    Lemme know!
    - Routaruo
  2. Go to the health food store and buy some capsules. Warm the butter and use an eye dropper to fill the caps! Problem solved!


  3. Don't have my car tonight so that's not gonna happen.
    Any other suggestions?
  4. Drugs aren't supposed to please your taste buds, they're supposed to get you fucked up
  5. i always used to mix butter with things like cookies, toast, and even some other baked type goods. They usually can help mask the horrible taste of weed with the choc. chips and things in them.
  6. Mix with something that has a powerful yet good taste to you. That usually masks the unfavorable taste of the butter.
  7. bake with it. Brownies are usually pretty good at hiding taste
  8. use capsules or bake it
  9. I noticed this too...I just mixed it with lipton tea and re-heated it in the microwave and to be honest it was kinda good.
  10. yup good ole butter... never had any thats tasted good though. :p
  11. it's an acquired taste :)

    i use to hate it so much to the point i'd gag from most edibles. i then got into making more savory foods and it helped me get use to the flavor. now be it sweet or not i LOVE the taste.
  12. Melt it and take it as a shot! I have gotten down plenty of funky concoctions by shooting real quick and slamming some juice immediately after.

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