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Cannabutter First-Timer

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by AsianPotHead, May 12, 2010.

  1. This was my first time making Cannabutter :)

    So I started out with 4 grams of really high grade marijuana ... purple haze ...

    I took one gram to start ...

    So I heated a pan on MEDIUM heat and put butter on the pan ... just 2 spoonfulls

    After 2 minutes ... I dropped in my weed ... it made cracks and booms and turned my weed brown! NICE!

    So i was so happy it was done in just 5 minutes ... I turn and grab a wooden chopstick and I turn back to see that my weed is ALL BLACK!!!!

    I was like shit shit shit ... wtf do I do??? So I added in 3 more grams at once ... it all turned black too ... so FML I LOST $80 in 8 minutes!:confused:
  2. two mistakes/ one, it was not purple haze, im not going further into that with you, but you did get lied too, that or you said it to be cool on the internet, lol.

    second, you used way too little butter, two "scoops" for the amount you put in 1 full stick would be sufficient well if it was "purple haze" anyway, HAHA!:rolleyes:

    so that crackling you heared, you shouldnt be hearing that, it was probably your shit burning right off the bat

    oh and also, you needa cook it on medium just till you melt the butter, then flip it on low after adding in the herb. and the mixture should turn a very dark, almost black, green, once it solidifies, it will be a lighter green.
  3. didn't you bother looking up a recipe for cannabutter before you dumped your weed in there? why would you put so little butter in there? every recipe i have ever seen has called for a lot more than that. plus it's just common sense really... if the weed is just on the pan without butter around it, then why wouldn't it burn up like it does normally, as any plant does, when it gets extremely hot?

    also, are you sure it was purple haze?
  4. This guy is a troll
  5. yeah seriously... who the fuck is this guy? every single thread he posts is absolute nonsense. and he just says "yeah hah i was high when i wrote it"

    bad name for stoners :(
  6. He's probably some little kid who thinks he's bad ass because he smokes pot, but really he's only smoked once or twice.

    He has nothing better to do than look for attention from strangers on the internet by telling lies and giving ridiculous excusess.

    Correct me if I'm wrong.
  7. This kid just sent me an angry PM on here about how I was a hater, lol.

    But yeah, I agree with you. Although, some of his advice was good and stuff, like the smoothie.

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