Cannabis worth £35m ($62.5m) seized at dockside warehouse

Discussion in 'General' started by hummercash, Apr 15, 2004.

  1. damn! how did they get into my freezer?
  2. fuck the feds.......
  3. I know, what shame...7.2 tonnes of it.

    Some people will be going mad now, imagine the loss they would be out, plus some of that probably would have reached me over here and now it won't :(
  4. yea I know what you mean about going mad... yesterday some people got busted with 10 pounds at the gas station a block away from me.

    Chances are I would have smoke some of that pot, cause this is pretty small town...
  5. Hummercash, do you visit Fark by any chance?
  6. fark and the daily show only places i got me news :D and this forum

    ya dude i bet whomever lost all that bud is "getting the chop" right now from his higher up. lo lsucsk to be that dued, good by either balls or fingers

    ...i guess lol i dunno basicaly my idea of over theres underworld comes from snatch and lock stock.
  7. yah i read fark. easy rider, i also get my news from slashdot, macrumors and tough crowd with colin quinn.

  8. damn i bet weed prices skyrocketed in liverpool...... that sucks

  9. reminds me of that one game...... whatever it was called... the one where you buy drugs and sell them in other cities. "Huge bust!! the price of weed skyrockets!" lol

    I'm stoned..... :)
  10. it was all hash.
  11. Heh... I love the "I only did it cause uncle Sam said so"esque attitude of whoever the media was quoting (yes in fact I AM too lazy to go back and look who it was).

  12. haha ya dude forgot colin quin. they need a pot tv network, with a marijuana news show and shit. id watch taht ..then again stoned or not id watch just abotu anything.

  13. doubt the feds had anything to do with it, Liverpool is in England, and yeah grower it's mainly hash that comes into the U.K. from Morocco, yeah i imagine i'll feel it up here too shogun, that's a lot of shit to lose, price will deff be going up.......damn........Peace out.......Sid
  14. I don't think the price of it will go up, there's another shipment straight behind that one as we speak more than likely.

    But no doubt it's put a dint in some of the ones who are smuggling it in.

  15. Do you know about ? They have some good flicks and its better then a network because you pick what you see.

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