Cannabis THC-Content Faces Restrictions

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by Superjoint, Jun 9, 2003.

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    Amsterdam - The strength of the Dutch cannabis crop is under review, as the Justice Ministry considers regulating the active THC content of the marijuana sold to smokers. The government is concerned about the strength of Dutch marijuana, revealing that marijuana grown in the Netherlands is twice as strong as that of imported crops.
    In a bid to restrict the health damages that are incurred, the Justice Ministry has suggested limiting the THC content and maintaining strict supervision of the industry.

    Former Health Minister Els Borst - who was recently named non-cigarette smoker of the year by non-smoking group Clean Air Now for her role in passing tough anti-smoking legislation - also considered introducing a ceiling on THC content if evidence revealed that high levels of THC were damaging to a smoker's health.

    Health State Secretary Clemence Ross warned in March that smoking or ingesting marijuana with a high THC content could lead to angst and panic attacks.

    The Justice Ministry is also investigating whether restrictions can be placed on coffee shop marijuana sales to foreigners, a move which could help appease the concerns of neighbouring countries opposed to the Dutch tolerance of soft drugs.

    But the ministry also said it would remain committed to convincing its foreign neighbours that cannabis presented fewer risks than hard drugs, but to do so, it said some restrictions must be placed on cannabis sold here.

    Meanwhile, the Dutch coffee shop also faces a threat from a new smoke-free workplace law set to be enforced from the start of next year. The law states that workers have the right to a smoke-free job environment and coffee shops are excluded from a 12-month grace recently granted on restaurants, cafes and hotels.

    The nation's coffee shops, by the very nature of their business, will find it difficult to meet the legislative requirements.

    Source: (Holland)
    Published: June 05, 2003
    Copyright: 2003 Expatica News
  2. for a start, as far as I know from what i've read, THC is as close to harmless as any drug can get. the harm comes from smoking, not from the drug itself.

    and i don't see anybody saying "Hmmm... this 80% bottle of vodka is really bad for your liver, maybe we should put a limit on alcohol content."

    EDIT---> Just a thought. Much of the cannabis from coffee shops is obtained illegally through the "backdoor" right? So if the government were to limit the THC content of the drug then wouldn't they need it all to be produced legally in the Netherlands, were they can monitor the plants as they grow?????
  3. "also considered introducing a ceiling on THC content if evidence revealed that high levels of THC were damaging to a smoker's health. "


    hahaha. these guys obviously havnt heard of auto-titration. for those who dont know this is what cannabis tokers do that the users of most other substances dont (particularly alcohol). its basically stopping taking more when you're satisfied.
    So this means that the higher the THC content the safer as the user will smoke less and thus take less carcinogens into their system.
    i hope someone explains that to them... because from the sounds of this it seems to me like they already have their plans set as to what the outcome will be.
  4. yeah thats exactly what i was thinkin Digit
  5. well seeing as smoking is so bad, making the THC content lower would just mean people would smoke more to get the same high..

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