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Cannabis suppositories

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by sweetz, Dec 4, 2012.

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    It has been a little while since I have been here. Since then, I have started treating a 67 year old man with stage 4 prostate cancer and who is also a victim of "agent orange".

    His wife tripped on a loose cord in a thrift shop and a 150 pound glass case fell on top of her breaking both hips and one wrist. After she came home from the hospital, her husband was responsible for her but she could not even get up to go the the bathroom and was in extreme pain. Needless to say, he was desperate to help her recover but was suffering health issues of his own...and was exhausted.

    I got a call just over a week ago asking for me to bake him/her some cannabis cookies so they could try to sleep...she kept him up at night with her pain and he would already be visiting the bathroom four to five times a night anyway with the prostate issue.

    He ate the cookies, but I told him he should not be eating sugar because it is a fact that the cancer LOVES sugar. So I offered to make suppositories:eek: for him and he jumped at the offer.

    First night after using 4 size "00" capsules during the day (frozen and then taken out of the capsule) and inserted, he said "I cant explain in words how I feel but something BIG is happening to me". He is a 40 year cannabis user but this was "different"...he (claimed) that he was not stoned...but felt like there was something major going on "down there". His wife now eats two or three cookies (I can only handle a half of one) and sleeps like a baby and is happy once again.

    Next night, he only got up ONCE to the bathroom. It has been staying that way, but he has only been using them for a week now. I am making the next 40 capsules now so he does not run out. What a brave man (with nothing to lose).

    He said that the cannabis oil does not burn him or cause any discomfort "down there"...he is thrilled. He tried swallowing a capsule the first day, but suffered extreme nausea for several hours...which convinced him to go the suppository route...he said he had been thinking of suppositories because of his stomach, before I had even offered.

    I called to check on him on day three and he sounded like a different person...full of energy, upbeat, and not emotionally drained as before.

    I will update you in three weeks, as he has a doctor's appointment then...perhaps his cancer markers will have dropped a bit since the bio-availability is so MUCH greater this way than orally.

    I used two ounces of "top shelf bud" per two Tablespoons of coconut oil and a 1/4 teaspoon lecithin granuals. I "washed" the bud (after decarbing) with 1 cup (heated) Everclear (190) proof for 1 minute...and then strained it through a 150 micron bag...In a pyrex pie plate, I added this to the 2 T. coconut oil. I then processed it by evaporation on a hot plate set on warm (took a little over 1 hour)...I then added the lecithin granuals, covered the plate with foil and then put it in the freezer for 6 hours. I then let it thaw to room temp and then baked it (still covered) at 200 degrees for 1 hour. I repeated this one more time (the baking/freezing). Then I filled 40 capsules and froze them so they could be solid to handle.

    If this works for him, I will start treatment on myself...I have Leukemia and have been wanting to do this, but I work full time and was afraid of the effects from going either "route". If I have my math correct...the greater bio-availability from going rectally vs. orally would mean that we can use much much less...OR get cured much much sooner and then go on "maintanance"!

    If anyone has any comments, questions, or advice...please feel free to reply...this is new territory for us.
  2. Prostate has lots of CB receptors, chances are better than good that he was sporting wood as the dose was absorbed. Make sure he takes lots of Omega-3 fats to go with the RSO. It will make the therapy work better.
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    Did I understand you correctly? "Sporting wood"? OMG, I simply MUST get my husband (60) to try it then!

    I will get our friend to start consuming a Tablespoon of Hemp Seed Oil and eating an ounce of Hemp seeds daily to get the Omega 3's...maybe a can of herring too.

    Thanks for the enlightenment.:D
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    I didn't stutter, I said wood as in the Disney character Woody the Cowboy.

    Topical ointment applied between the base of the scrotum and anus works too. Does not work well for hemorrhoids. Effectiveness goes down as frequency of use goes up. May interfere with the urge to urinate until it is almost too late.
  5. "May interfer with the urge to urinate until it is almost too late"? Could this be why our friend only had to go to the bathroom once during the night rather than the usual five or six times a night when he started using the suppositories??
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    don't know didn't think about it, sorry.

    Didn't look at who I was talking to or you might not have got an answer to begin with. Eyes just about fell out of my head when you brought up your husband. I'm trying to warn him. After treatment for 12 to 24 hrs if he feels the beginning of an urge to go then it is time to get moving he wont get much warning.

    Of course this reports the opposite result than I expirenced:

    My dad died of prostate cancer, same for grandpa on mom's side of the family. I treat prophetically due to family history & genetics. An Oz. of prevention....
  7. Interesting thread.

    Personally, I would be reluctant to use suppositories, but if they do the job, then that's all that really matters.
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    Well, if you were old, had stage 4 prostate cancer, no energy, and a severly injured wife who could not get off the bed to walk and who needed constant care, and pain management...you might be more open to the idea?
    Can you imagine trying to function being stoned silly from trying to take an adequate dose of RSO orally in a situation such as theirs? This man is really brave to try this in my mind because he has to deal with his own demise as well as help his wife to recovery...which for her, will take a long time. She is however, having quite a good time with the cookies I made her...they dry my mouth out pretty bad and make me feel a bit too mellow for the work I do, and tired the next day...and that is with only a half of a cookie (I make em strong)! I cannot imagine how long it would take me to work up to the RSO recommended daily oral dose with the low tolerance I have while having to work...so.....

    I am also hoping to use the suppositories, have been thinking about that for a LONG time...my husband said he would be happy to be the guinnea pig (after I told him about the possibility of a better quality "wood";)) and "pop one in" on his next day off and see if he feels any thing "different" going on or more importantly, gets stoned. I cannot work stoned, but would love to begin treatment for my own issue if this works out...and I cannot bring myself to ask our friend about the umm...particular "details" of his intimate experiences with this stuff on a technical level.

    I remember when one of my son's was an infant and came down with a 106 fever...I rushed him to the emergency and the first thing they did was put a suppository in and it took that fever down in a matter of minutes...that was the first time I knew anything about getting medicine in through the "back door".

    I am also thinking of the many peeps out there who have a limited income and available "resources"...they would need to use so much less oil this way to get the same big bang for their buck!
  9. Eating lots of herb makes one fairly randy.

  10. Speaking of suppositories and prostate cancer, this old post I made in a thread someone titled "Medical Marijuana is BULLSHIT", may provide some hope and positivity :)


    Those of us in the medical community have seen handfuls of cancer patients cured using cannabis, or their lives extended long beyond their doctors estimation, some before traditional treatment, and others even after everything from chemo, to radiation, to surgical removal had failed to cause complete remission. [​IMG]

    One man I worked with comes to mind in particular.

    He'd been through all three of the above for 9 - 12 months for a cancer of the bladder, chemo, radiation, and a horrible surgery (there were complications, although I don't remember specifically the problems).

    However about a month after the surgery they gave him the all clear.

    Six weeks or so later, he collapsed.

    They discovered they'd missed a secondary tumor in the bladder, and the cancer had already metastasized to his lungs.

    He was given 3 months to live. [​IMG]

    While he was debating over potential treatments to try or repeat, I met his daughter while visiting family in the city.

    If I hear someone mentioning cancer and the words 'no hope', I'm the stranger that 'randomly' taps their shoulder and brings up cannabis! :D

    We had a long talk, she called him, and during the conversation he eventually agreed to try a vaporizer and edible hash oil capsules.
    I gave her instructions later that night in an email for 'inactive' oils he could take in high doses to combat the cancer cells (5 - 7 gram equivalent doses, twice per day, every day), and active oil he could take at low doses for more serious pain (.5g - 1g doses, once per day, 4 - 7 days a week).

    In another two months, he was walking around and even jogging again, he figured the 'risk' of being so active and enjoying how he felt, was worth it to enjoy his life while he still could, and he assumed that the health improvements were just a fluke.

    He visited his doctors again.

    A few days later he received a phone call from the (shocked and stunned) oncologist, who he had been working with from the very beginning, and he was given the all clear in the lungs, and bladder!

    His doctor did not understand how it happened. The words marvel and 'medical miracle' were used. [​IMG]

    He was screened again shortly after, and again was told that he was in complete remission and that he should, 'keep up whatever it is', that he was doing. [​IMG]

    This was three years ago, so far as I'm aware, he hasn't had a relapse (his daughter and I kept in touch up until about a year or so ago). [​IMG]

    Another cancer story from my own experience... an old patient's father found out he had prostate cancer with a 'gleason' score of a 7, in a scale of 1 - 10 (bad news). He was only in his mid to late 50's. I had him on oil right away, capsules for oral use and as suppositories for direct contact.

    I moved away shortly after, but about a year later I heard back from his son that, before he could even get in or approved for his first round of treatment, about six months later he went for a third or fourth screening, and tested at a 1. A few months after that, he was in a state of complete remission.

    It's the third or fourth case like it that I know of personally, with cannabis (suppositories in particular) helping to subside prostate cancer specifically. [​IMG]

    BadKat's Highly Activated & Bioavailable, Med-Grade Hash Oil (starting with dry-sift hash, same as capsule recipe, oil can also be used for cooking)

    Med-Grade Hash Oil


    These may be of interest, as well...

    BadKat's Highly Activated & Bioavailable, Med-Grade Cannabis Concentrate (Edible & Smokable recipes included... similar to Phoenix Tears & BHO, but bioavailable & made with food grade/drinking alcohol)

    -Medical Grade Cannabis Concentrate-


    BadKat's Highly Activated & Bioavailable, Med-Grade Canna Oil (starting with flowers/bud/trim etc)

    Med-Grade Canna Oil






    [​IMG] [​IMG]


    Don't forget that if your patients don't want to feel 'too funny', or if they wish to increase their doses to improve their medicinal benefits, you should use COLD EXTRACTION cannabis oils to multiply the dose, and as such multiply the number and volume of cannabinoids bombarding the cancer, while at the same time reducing the (to us) fun and recreational 'side effects'.

    By simply varying the amount of heat exposure, activation and the degradation of cannabinoids, you can achieve a wide variety of sensations all from the same batch of herb. :)

    Hitting a cancer with both active and 'inactive' cannabinoids, as well as varying the quantity of CBN/A and the ratio of THC/A to CBG/A, dramatically expands your arsenal and improves your likelihood for success. :yay:
  11. WOW!! So we may be on the right track for my friend as well as possibly for me then? Do you have a recipe for cold extraction? How is that different than what we already are doing...by the way, I learned to do the capsules from you BadKitty...we are ever grateful for your tutorial! Before that, he was just eating cookies...but cancer loves sugar so I told him to stop those...unless perhaps, they are a "Trojan Horse"??

    My husband saw him the other day when he picked up another batch of capsules...he is doing fine...says "something is surely going on", but he seemed to be having trouble with annunciation in speech my husband noticed. What do you suppose that is all about? This is a man who is a 40 year user...ie, smokes it and would eat edibles daily. Can he be having a reaction to the suppositories? He uses 4 a day made the way I posted originally. I am thinking he is getting just over a gram in each capsule of concentration.

    Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated...especially before I make his next batch...
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    I have a question for you if you could please take the time....

    Leukemia is created in the bones...a messed up DNA disorder caused by who knows what...(probably the result from prolonged stress and grief due to a divorce that I did not want). At any rate, I have had it for nearly 14 years and am still in stage 1.

    There is nothing I would consider taking by today's western medical standards (stem cell transplant, chemo, and various blood building drugs)...so I just do basically nothing except drink alot of dandelion/green tea. My cancer is "stable" in that it does not seem to move either up or down...YET.

    My body will ALWAYS produce those stupid immature white cells, which do not obey the command to die when they are supposed to, hence they will begin to crowd out the good red cells and cause many different types of havoc.

    Being that is the case, the ONLY hope I have is to kill them off in the periferial blood as they develop and travel through my veins. This is why I wanted to try the suppositories...because I am thinking that the cannabis could do that as long it was absorbed in the blood at least...I doubt that it would do anything to correct the "cause" generated in the bones...so I have to treat it as it is happening...ie "maintainance" for life.

    Do you think that using suppositories would deliver a nice lethal dose enough to keep the immature white cells from taking over? If so, what dose of capsules would you use if it were you or someone you loved?

    Most important if you think it could work: WILL I GET STONED by using suppositories?

    I have/want to keep working as I LOVE my work (and need the income). I am 58 years old and have a lot of people who rely on me for various things. I cannot be stoned...I need to use my mind and body...at least during the day. I have never used cannabis before 4 months ago...cannot smoke it because it makes me stoned and bothers my lungs, cannot eat much of it for the same reason...plus it gives me a stomach ache if I eat just a little too much, dizzy and a "hangover". I have tried the Harlequin and another called Vanilla Kush which is very mild and I can eat that one...but cannot find it readily. I do not grow because I am in the process of moving and our property is not protected from view or fenced (acreage). I get my bud from a friend at a LARGE discount and so am able to make goodies and capsules for others...but would like to treat myself while I am at it.

    Could you give your opinion?

    Kindest Regards
  13. Of course you are on the right track.

    Some times I slur when I'm high dose you sure he is not just getting a bigger dose than he has ever had?.
  14. Dont really know...but you might have a point. Would you happen to know if I took it that way (say just ONE capsule suppository as opposed to his 4... which probably has 1.5 grams of concentrate) if I would get stoned?
  15. only one way to find out. How much time you got? I normally perform experiments on Friday evening or Saturday morning in case I want to sleep through Sunday.
  16. I would experiment with unheated extracts if you want to try to get medicated without getting stoned. Putting weed capsules up your bum changes how the medicine is introduced into your blood stream, but it doesn't change the nature of the medicine once in your blood stream.

    Unheated/heated extracts also change the physiology of how it works inside your body.
    Here is a study about how unheated/heated extracts change the effect on tumor necrosis factor alpha, which also may have a bit to do with your blood issue. . . .

    Unheated Cannabis sativa extracts and it... [Int Immunopharmacol. 2006] - PubMed - NCBI
  17. Interesting...do you know where on this site that I can find BadKitties Cold Extraction recipe? I think I may want to go that route instead of heated. The article implies that heated takes longer to build up to a saturation dose useful for medicinal purposes than the cold extraction does...and the cold extraction lasts alot longer in the body.

    Thank you for the link!
  18. Here is the best TOC, but even then, some of the later items are missing.


    I've tried a glycerin extraction and didn't like the results.

    I recently tried a few experiments and the one I like best is fresh harvested buds, blended with everclear, strained and evaporated a bit to make it more potent. Just bottle it and keep it in the fridge.
    I bought empty tincture dropper bottles at the health food store and filled them :)
  19. I was hoping it would talk about mixing the two. :(

    Anyway this will get you the full text pdf for free if you want it.
  20. I don't remember where her cold extraction recipe is right now but I hyperlinked the citric acid extraction:

    If you can find a copy of Rosemary Gladstar's "Medicinal Herbs A Beginner's Guide" it shows lots of options though none are demonstrated using MJ. Solar infused oil is on page 36.

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