Cannabis Study

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  1. It is true, smoked cannabis does have more toxins/chemicals then smoked tobbaco. But the bottom line is that nicotene (sp?) has been shown to promote cancerous growth while some cannaboids have been shown to slow, shrink or even prevent cancerous growth. so no worrys mayn
  2. Is that supposed to be weed in the picture????? Looks like fucking mowed grass...
  3. LOL wow they couldnt find any better weed to take a picture of?
  4. studying weed like that its no wonder they got those kinda results.
  5. The article did have a really good point though: You hold the smoke in longer, yes, but you're not smoking nearly as much. Imagine how much weed you smoke daily, now the average smoker smokes about 2 packs a day.

    We shall live to smoke another day!
  6. That's shitty farm grown bullshit that uses pesticides or something probably...All studies like this are usually biased.
  7. Really. What doesn't cause cancer? We're all gonna die one day. Might as well die happy and peaceful. Tobacco won't help you there.

  8. quoted for the fucking truth.

  9. Fucking spot on man!
  10. Hah, bubble!tea, spot on!

    I was gonna point that out, alot of smokers i know smoke 60 cigarettes a day.

    You know any stoners that smoke 60 joints a day?

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