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Cannabis stops tobacco/nicotine addiction?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by mtm81, Nov 11, 2014.

  1. Hi everyone
    I've been a tobacco smoker for over 15 years. What a shitty habit.
    I've noticed when I smoke and/or eat cannabis, I have no desire to smoke tobacco. If I go a week without consuming cannabis, the tobacco cravings do not exist. As a matter of fact, I get quite sick of the smell of tobacco.
    However, the tobacco cravings slowly come back if I don't consume cannabis for a month.
    Has anyone noticed this as well? If so, I think we have found another benefit to cannabis. Can you imagine how pissed off tobacco companies would be? Perhaps this is one reason why cannabis is illegal. Sales of tobacco would decrease dramatically if cannabis helps people quite nicotine.

  2. hahaha....
    yep. right on.
    i'm a 2 pack a day smoker even on cannabis, so shit i'm pissed i'm not you. if i could go a week, i could quit for life. i'm talking minutes sometime man!!!
    in other words, you ain't got it that bad, and if it takes a little bit of cannabis from time to time to help you stay stopped on a ridiculous habit, well...
  3. Hi Redskysoldier
    Do you smoke sativa, indica, hybrid or all of the above?
    I wonder if a higher CBD strain can cause the cravings to stop>
    I recently started consuming edibles. Perhaps it is the cannabis oil that stops the cravings. In the past, I would always love to smoke a cig after smoking a bowl.
    I hope you can find a way to quit. Do you have access to edibles? Try it and see what happens.
  4. Man I smoke whatever I can get my hands on. I don't live in a great state if you feel me. 
    Recently I've been able to get consistent access to White Russian and Mazar, a Sativa dom / Indica dom combo that i've been making into oil and digesting/vaping. Occasionally I'll get a nice sativa like girl scout cookies and i'm waiting on a good indica. 
    I definitely want to get to a legal market where i can experiment. i think you're right about high CBD strains. 
    so damn true: cannabis, coffee, conversation and cigs all go pretty well together. 
    i got a lot of shit on my plate right now and my plan is to get to a better state (state farm, just kidding) and get on a smoother path and then try and quit. stability for me in my efforts seems paramount. 
    my suggestion to you would be it usually only takes people like 2 or 3 weeks to quit completely. if you're just having a puff from time to time, i really don't see the harm. it wouldn't be grave at least, but if you want to quit completely, man grind out that week into two and three and i'd bet the cravings would go away for life. 
  5. Champix (Canadian brand name) works for quitting smoking. I didn't use it but two very close people to me used it with success. It's not crap like patches or gum or whatever else. It just abolishes the cravings and even creates an aversion.
    I've been smoke-free since late 2012. I still get cravings sometimes. Absolutely nothing like when I first quit though. I highly recommend champix to anyone looking to permanently quit.

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  6. For me, cannabis wouldn't get me to quit. I've tried using it to quit. It just ended up costing me.

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  7. I notice when I am stoned I cant sit and smoke a whole cigarette. I will still crave one but soon as I light it up I get sick of the taste and put it out.
    That's a good thing friend!
  9. The only side effect i had, when stopped smoking cigarettes, was feeling better.
    People will tell you shit, about how hard is is, and what not.
    It's all bullshit.
    well lucky you!
  11. When you get the chance, CBD will definitely help you quit. I wish I had access to it when I quit (one time three packs a day) I probably wouldn't have needed the zyban prescription! Cannabis can help lots of people the same way other things can, as part of a well determined plan. :)  When you're ready. 
    it's been just over four years for me, and three days (and counting) for my man (who doesn't blaze)! 
    nice. thank you. here is a link to one study:

  13. would add that i have a pure CBD oil pen that i have used in the past. for anxiety it takes off a sometimes very much welcomed 10-15%, but that's it. possibly helped me reduce smoking a cig. sometimes i'd fire one up after, or my nicotine pen, or occasionally not at all. don't know if it was a big difference tho. 
    points me back in the direction of the synergistic effects of cannabis, something Raphael Mechoulam called the Entourage Effect.  
  14. Redskysoilder,
    Thanks for posting that study.
    Hopefully you can move to, or at least visit Washington and Colorado.
  15. Pure CBD oil pens are iffy, imho. They're usually too weak. I prefer flower (cuz then I also still get to smoke), edibles or dab, though dab has gotten crazy expensive with cbd! It's total bullshit. 
    Besides you still have to break the habit, because when you smoke regularly there isn't a time when you wouldn't have a cigarette, even if you didn't exactly "crave" one. But the idea that there's an alternative that can help you past the nic fits, is awesome. They say it takes fifteen minutes for the fit to pass, and CBD can totally help with that. Nothing is just going to magically help you quit, however. 
    And, don't forget you can visit/move to Alaska and Oregon now too! :D WOOT!!  I'd wait on DC.
    And that Mechoulam is my go to, when people who think they are intellectuals start talking about a lack of double blind studies in cannabis research. Fucking idiots. "Oh there's never been a double blind study! Ooohh! You're a quack hippie who will believe anything." Yeah, and they're idiots who don't care to be bothered by the systemic racism and research catch-22 of this crap. Besides, cannabis is the most researched drug in the world, over the last near fifty years just from the Controlled Substances Act, on top of everything we already knew. If it was dangerous, we'd know by now!  ok /rant
    It's pretty shocking that CBD reduced smoking by @ 40%! That study should have received major press coverage.
    Plus, it has the three Gold Standard elements for design:
    Totally agree though, that's a significant reduction. While it is focused on consumption, not cessation, me and my lungs would still take that any day. 
  18. I have nothing to add to this discussion except please do not try Chantix or Champix.....I am one of the lucky ones that was messed up for 2 months after stopping that drug.  If you wannt quit just man up and quit.  (is what I keep telling myself)  *cough cough*
  19. Tough bro. I'm talking angry freak out stuff. An addictive personality and quitting don't jive well. I'm thinking my best bet is to take one smoke out a day per week until quit. Tried it before, did my best, shit went haywire and back to this. #nixotine 

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