Cannabis Saved Me

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  1. Do any of you feel that cannabis is a puzzle piece ment to fit perfectly in your life? I've smoked cannabis everyday since the first day I smoked and I realized how much it benefited my mind and spirit. Before cannabis came into my life at 15 (almost 24 now) I had constant suicidal thoughts and was just full of hate, I had a full plan to commit suicide out in a deeply wooded area to make sure my little brother who I love dearly didn't find me, I had been contemplating doing it every single day until one day my old friend invited me to smoke some cannabis with him, I figured why not? I figured I wouldn't be around much longer anyway why not? Of course then I thought weed was like heroin because of all of the misinformation I had heard when I was younger. So as I finally take my first hit I don't feel much for the first hour, eventually I go home lay in bed at this point it has been 3 or 4 hours and as I'm laying and slowly drifting to sleep I remember entertaining my mind with the thought of girls, my future just normal shit that I had not thought of in ages. I cried tears of joy I had not had the feeling of optimism or just the general joy of life for to long. I've smoked constantly since. Cannabis gives some of us an advantage in life no matter what it may be helping you with or it may not do any at all and you just enjoy the feel. I know cannabis steered me from the dark direction my mind was already trapped in. I truly owe this plant every bit of my love. Cannabis save anyone else's life?
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  2. I can completely relate.
    My self prescribed medication for almost all ailments and my bff aka ride or die. Mary Jane never lets you down or judge you.

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  3. Second time i ever smoked xD <br /><br />"i never used a bong before" turned into a 2 litre &amp; a pen DIY bong. I just rememher sitting there and the universe just felt right. Like it was perfect. Like the backseat of that toyota avalon was meant for me. The moment i was sharing with my cousins was just meant for us. Idk. Like i was the center of the universe and everything else was pretty irrelevant because i felt so in place.<br /><br />I trusted someone who told me swallowing smoke makes you higher [I was 12] and later i burped and swear to god i saw smoke and my cousins asked why I was laughing and i said "cause im a fuckin dragon yo"

    I just posted this^ cannabis has always felt like it was meant for me and i was meant for it. Since my first hit of bud i was in love. It did everything my antidepressants & anxiety pills did. Without all the bad side effects. I was going thru a similar suicidial phase in my life and cannabis definitely helped me, but i didnt have enough money to say it saved me. But it definitely got me off addictive benzos and made me much happier. I just slept all day and didnt feel any emotions on frugs. And then i went to eating cheetos and sleeping and it was pretty fuckin amazing.
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    Im not sure why my post turned retarded. But physically cannabis did and i forgot to mention that. It got me to realize how horrible cigs actually taste and i finally quit and stopped goin back. Maybe in a parallel universe without bud id die of emphysema or cancer, who knows
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  5. Yeah, I'm in a pretty bad spot if I don't get to smoke. I can't get out of chairs by myself, I have to use a walker in the house and forget going anywhere. Light me up though and I'm good to go.
  6. I agree with you. At that moment in time it was magical, as I grow older she treats me different, but I will always love her.
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