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    Okay, so it goes like this.. Each poster asks one question about weed or anything to do with it and next person answers it. (obviously) If you get it right, you keep going until you fail to answer correctly...Try to make your questions non~googleable if that makes any sense.. Your goal is to stump the next poster!

    ~Once you answer incorrectly, youre out..
    ~If a poster gets your question right, dont make a new reply stating there right..Use the edit feature and type ANSWER:Correct/Incorrect (will help reduce space and make easier to read)
    ~When answering a question, quote it so the person who asked can identify if its correct or not..
    ~Please dont take it to seriously and google questions.Be fair :)

    JuanS: 4/4
    Smokey Tha Bear: 1/1
    BakedSnarf: 1/1
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    What's the first question?
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    First Question: What is weeds main color? (Aha might aswell get the easiest one out of the way..
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    what type(s) of species of cannabis exist outside sativa and indica 
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    Green! What's the difference between THC and CBD?
    Edit: Hybrids
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    yes...... of course we won't...
    :ey:  :ph34r:
  7. Answer the 2nd question please. (I assume you guys were typing at the same time)
  8. wrong, away with you feeble mortal
    I did, hybrids was the answer.
    Promise not to google.

    How is that wrong?...
  10. Oh
  11. In terms of measurable effects on the body, and research into those effects, the two main cannabinoids are THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), and CBD (cannabidiol).
    In most medicinal cannabis strains, THC makes up the majority of the active ingredients, while CBD represents a much smaller fraction. For instance, a potent strain may be measured at 15% or even 19% THC, but will typically contain less than 1% CBD. Nevertheless, this comparatively small proportion can have noticeable influence on the way the cannabis affects a patient. While CBD is not considered psychoactive in itself, it can impart many of the medicinal benefits of cannabis and can also moderate the effects of THC.
    In this context, a CBD content of around 1% could be considered comparatively high, while a strain with low cannabidiol content would contain 0.6% CBD or less
    Indica strains of cannabis generally have a medium to high THC content as well as a comparatively high CBD content. Sativa strains normally have medium to high THC and a relatively low CBD content.
    Varieties of cannabis with very high levels of CBD are being developed and some, such as Ruderalis strains and Bediol® (>6% THC : 7.5% CBD) already exist. These strains allow patients to experience the benefits of medicinal cannabis without experiencing a strong psychoactive effect.
    The relationship of the two main cannabinoids goes some way to explaining the different effects of the numerous strains, and also the exceptionally wide range of conditions which can be treated with medicinal marijuana.
    promise i didn't google.
  12. the correct answer was ruderalis, we were looking for ruderalis
  13. Alright dude i just wont put you on the leaderboard aha if youre not on the leaderboard youre out.. Problem=Solved
    Haha yeah I thought so but hybrids are still a different type of cannabis so why wouldn't it also classify as a right answer?
    Besides, hybrids have definitely brought me way more joy than ruderalis, which is a lame excuse for cannabis and that's why no one smokes them  :smoking: .
  15. Yah juans close enough..
  16. i used yahoo... fine.  boring game anyway  :mad:
  17. Well its pretty simple man.. Just dont cheat.. And even if you did cheat why would you show me that you cheated? Aha
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    How does good weed differ from bad weed?
  19. As for the chemistry, mostly in the percentage of THC, and physically, bad weed can be spotted multiple ways, it's either full of seeds, not been cured or dried properly and therefore extremely green and wet with stems that don't crack when bent, etc.
  20. Remember to include a new question every time you answer so game can keep going :)

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