Cannabis online?? Look no further.

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by someguy, May 3, 2001.

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  1. No hype. No bull. No scams. Just good mind altering substances.

    took out email because we dont know if it is ok to \'advrotise\' weed on this site.

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  2. Does anybody know these guys, our squat team wil make an analys :)

    do your job guys!


  3. I\'m on it!

    No one use this guy till I give the ok. :)

    No offense Someguy, just needa check ya out first. ;)

    Could someone who mods this forum or an ambassador shoot this thread to recreational use?

  4. this thread is already in 2 other forums. the email has been taken off because we are discussin on if were gonna alow the \"advrotising\" of weed on the site. until then please do not post on where to buy weed online. also post weather you would like or not like weed to be advrotised on the site and WHY why is the most important part.
  5. I created a discussion thread in General Feedback reguarding this issue. Please direct your comments there. This will make it easier to find a concensus.
  6. Here is the new thread that Reverend Baker created.
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