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Cannabis Oil

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by GlobalGirlyGirl, Jun 13, 2013.

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    I posted a while back about MMJ for my Breast Cancer. I was able to find a dispensary here in the Bay Area that sells Cannabis Oil. My sister got me a gram, and I tried some tonight.
    The strain they use has  high CBD content. I started with a tiny amount and used a matchstick. Only the very tip. Aside from being a little sleepy, it was fine. No weird feeling.
    I'm getting a lumpectomy and sentinel node biopsy on Monday, so my MMJ will be in conjunction with conventional treatment.  After the final pathology report, I will be making some decisions.  I am definitely going to make 60 grams my goal, though.
    My sister laughed and said, "Wow, it's going to be expensive." I told her that if I were to do radiation treatment, with copays, I'm looking at $1200. And MMJ won't kill me. :D  She definitely agreed and enjoyed her "Girl Scout Cookies." ;)  Anyway, based on the pricing, it looks like they have discounts for larger purchases.
    I'm excited I'm giving this a go. Thank you all for your help and advice.  I'll report back.
    Off to sleep. :)

  2. I'm glad you found what you needed but you should be aware that it's THC that KILLS cancer, while CBD only keeps breast cancer from spreading. That's not to say that CBD isn't useful and doesn't provide a synergistic effect for THC because it does, but you'll want a 90% THC/10% CBD oil to actually kill the cancer cells. Many people are misinformed and if you ask Rick Simpson yourself he'll tell you that you need to chase THC, not CBD. 
    Also if price is a concern you should consider growing it yourself, you are in California and right now it's still a good time to plant. Just get some rooted clones from a dispensary, a few 5 gallon buckets, some fox farms ocean forest soil, and put them out under the sun. Most would love the opportunity to grow openly (and legally) outdoors under the California sun so you should probably take advantage of it. 
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  3. Thanks for the information. Do you know of any dispensaries or people who sell high THC oil?
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    Also, hon, you need to take Omega 3!  A lack of Omega 3 has been identified as a risk factor for breast cancer! Most folks get way too much Omega 6 and not enough Omega 3 in their diets!
    Long-chain n-3-to-n-6 polyunsaturated fatty acid ratios in breast adipose tissue from women with and without breast cancer.
    Israeli 'cancer shift' over heart disease mortality may be led by greater risk in women with high intake of n-6 fatty acids.
    O-6 to O-3 ratio- Discover the Shocking Reality That Ruins Your Health More than You Think!
    How too much omega-6 and not enough omega-3 is making us sick
    Good Oils and Fatty Substances
    The reason this lack of Omega 3 is SO important, is that you need it to make WORKING CB1 receptors. Without those CB1s working, your body can't fight the cancer! This study and its news article explains it, although they were looking at just the brain and its functions-
    Nutritional omega-3 deficiency abolishes endocannabinoid-mediated neuronal functions.
    (abst – 2011) 
    Omega-3 deficiency disrupts cannibinoid receptor function in brain        (news – 2011)
    Now when this happens in the body, the effects are even worse!
    [SIZE=12pt]Turned-Off Cannabinoid Receptor Turns On Colorectal Tumor Growth      (news - 2008)[/SIZE]
    And Xaddo, you are not quite right about the CBD and cancer! CBD fights cancer using a different pathway than THC. Among other things, it prevents the growth (angiogenesis) of the "feeder" blood vessels that allow the tumor to grow so fast!
    Cannabidiol inhibits angiogenesis by multiple mechanisms.
     (abst – 2012)
    In addition, in the more aggressive ID-1 type of cancers, CBD has an amazing effect! The cancer cells have been observed returning to a NORMAL state!
    Pot compound seen as tool against cancer      (news – 2012)
    [SIZE=10pt]“When McAllister and Desprez exposed the cells to cannabidiol in a petri dish, the cells not only stopped acting "crazy" but they also started to revert to a normal state… The researchers stressed cannabidiol works only on cancer cells that have these high levels of ID-1 and these do not include all cancerous tumors but, rather, aggressive, metastatic cells. But they've found such high levels in leukemia, colorectal, pancreatic, lung, ovarian, brain and other cancers.”  [/SIZE]
    Cannabidiol as a novel inhibitor of Id-1 gene expression in aggressive breast cancer cells.    
    (full - 2007)  
    And in non-ID-1 cancer cells, CBD can, indeed, cause the death of cancer cells!
    Cannabidiol induces programmed cell death in breast cancer cells by coordinating the crosstalk between apoptosis and autophagy.       (full – 2011)
    There's more in my List- just send me an email for your free copy! (bottom of my sig) 
    Granny   :wave:
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  5.  In the medical cannabis world "high" CBD is anything over 4%. Ask at the dispensary if they have an analysis of the major cannabinoids,or at least the THC/CBD ratio.
    All the best
  6. Thank you so much Storm Crow.  I'll definitely up my Omega 3 intake. So what I'm taking is OK? Harry Paratestes - Thank you. I will have my sister ask them when she picks up my oil.
    I just read though the links you posted and a few others and you're right, CBD does play a role in killing cancer I wonder why Rick Simpson is so against it? 
     I don't know,nor have I spoken to Rick Simpson but I think it has something to do with THC getting all the prress for so many years that it became a catch all term. Let's face it,even people who have zero knowledge of cannabis know THC. CBD is the new kid in town. Many people have jumped on the CBD bandwagon to the point there is talk that THC has no therapeutic value. BS says I.Synergy for the win.That is why you must extract all the cannabisy goodness from the plant and Marinol has cured nothing.
    Rant off.
    GlobalGirlyGirl I return your thread to you.
    All the best.
  9. Asthmatic has it right! Don't go with one source- not even your beloved old "Granny"! Educate yourselves!
  10. How are you doing Global?  I sure hope you are healing up and not having too many bad days with all this. Let us know when you get the chance, wont you?
  11. is there any kind of "safe" website to purchase oil from?
  12. For etiquette purposes, always best to start your own thread rather than tack a question on someone else's questions just so you know.

    Are you wanting to get the Rick Simpson type oil? If you are from a legal state, you can get a caretake to grow it for you, or grow your own. If you are from an illegal state, unfortunately, you don't have much of an option. You don't want to be buying this through the mail. You may be getting mysterious oil that is not at all what you need for healing. I suggest you find someone in your area that does compassionate healing and will make the oil for you. Expect to pay for it because it takes quite a lot of plant material to make it. We pay $45 a gram here in Colorado. Do a google search for activist in your area. They may know of someone. Type in google or Facebook words like (your town) cannabis and see what comes up. You may find someone who can make it for you. If this is a crucial medical situation, maybe you will have to make a trip out to your closest legal state.
  13. my mother needs to try the thc oil shes living in new york were is the closest state to get this oil
  14. need to find thc oil what state is the closet to new york
  15. Erick, it looks like you can find it in your own state. See if this helps you :
    The Commissioner must approve any form of medical marijuana. Approved forms include liquids and oil for vaporization or administration via inhaler as well as capsules to take orally. Under the law, smoking is not permitted

    The practitioner must include the following information on the patient's certification: the authorized brand and form of the approved medical marijuana, the administration method, and any limitations on the use of approved medical marijuana product. If a practitioner has a recommendation regarding dosage, it must be included on the certification, although a recommendation on dosage is not a requirement. Moreover, the total amount of product that can be dispensed may not exceed a thirty-day supply. Frequently Asked Questions - Medical Marijuana Program
  16. See post above... sorry double post
  17. yes the rick simpson oil seems to be the one to get ,seems to helped alot from cancer problems
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  18. which state would i be able to buy the rick simpson oil legal ,really need it for her asap
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  19. Let me give you a fast run down on Rick Simpson oil otherwise known as Phoenix Tears. Those two names are NOT a brand name. Rick Simpson is a man who runs a website (not sure if he is currently) called . He has made it easy for folks to understand how to dose for cancer and other ailments and how to make the oil. He shares his knowledge with others but he does not sell oil nor does anyone else although they might make something similar to what he describes on his website. Do not buy it online as you never know what you may get and it might land you in trouble as you never know who's really selling it to you.

    So when you go in, you can ask if they have a Rick Simpson or phoenix tears type oil and they SHOULD know what you are talking about. If they don't, perhaps you should go to another dispensary where they are knowledgeable about cancer and oil. Now, if the dispensaries close to you do not sell any sort of healing oil, you will have to make your own. You can get all the information you need on how to make it again here. Producing The Oil « Phoenix Tears | Rick Simpson . If that sounds daunting, you are going to have to find someone to make it for you or keep searching for a dispensary that sells something like it. I hope that helps. Is this for cancer Erick, if you don't mind me asking?
  20. yes my mum got told the other day she has it so im trying to find the oil for her to try

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