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  1. help end cannabis prohibition - 100%

    <h2>cannabis march & rally</h2>
    <h3>SATURDAY 29th SEP 2001</h3>


    Meet @ 12 noon: Speakers Corner, Hyde Park, London. (Marble Arch Tube). Departs 2.00pm via Park Lane & Piccadilly to Cannabis Rally at Trafalgar Square including speakers. Bring humour, banners and drums. A peaceful remonstration & celebration. Everyone counts. Everyone invited.

    Aims: The recent progress towards defacto decriminalisation in Britain is to be welcomed but is clearly not the full solution. Only a complete, total lifting of prohibition allowing the growing, selling and social consumption of cannabis will do. Anything less is simply a half-way house which fails to protect the public.

    We need a 'New Deal for Cannabis' :

    1. The complete, total lifting of prohibition to allow freedom for the growing, licenced sale and social or medical use of cannabis in Britain.

    2. Quality controls & Health & Safety Regulations as with any other product to protect consumers.

    3. Distribution through licensed premises and non-profit cannabis buyers co-operatives & clubs.

    4. An immediate release of all cannabis prisoners and clearing of all cannabis criminal records.

    REMEMBER: In the 1970's everyone thought that the prohibition of cannabis would be ended in just a couple more years ....

    Strategy Sep 29th 2001: To unite and thus strengthen the voice of all those who advocate an end to the prohibition of cannabis by organising an event that reflects the wide support for a change in the law from all sections of society in Britain. To achieve this the march and rally will be peaceful and non-confrontational and will attempt to include all sections of the community and all sections of the cannabis movement.

    Programme for the day: Starting 12 noon at speakers corner with speakers and other special attractions including 'Free Cannabis in the Park' (for the 5th consecutive year). March leaves at 2.00 pm for Trafalgar Sq. Speakers at Trafalgar Square plus 'communal celebration' for the last half hour. (Note: There is no chance of an entertainments license for either Hyde Park or Trafalgar Sq this year (maybe next) but personal musical instruments; drums, violins, welsh harps etc, are welcomed).

    Properganja 'Grassroots' Party: 8pm - 6am: Multi Media Cannabis Cultural Benefit Event (venue tbc) - official after party with properganja line up + speakers, stalls, films, poetry, art and food.

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