Cannabis look-alikes

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by stonehenge55, Apr 29, 2006.

  1. I was thinking today about a good way that i would be able to conceal my plants but without constricting them too much. i had idea of buying a bunch of marijuana look-alikes and planting them all together in the same garden with my bud plants towards the back. I know of a few plants like the Japanese Maple( which greatley resembles the leaf margins and shapes excluding the color. And a there are a few wildflowers and weeds that look similar and grow on roadsides and such. Anybody know of anymore plants that could Camouflage my mjs?
  2. Why not try to get Ducksfoot or some other weed strain that doesnt look like weed... well at least not until its flowering, then the buds are visable. other than that, i cant help ya. good luck
  3. hmmm what does ducksfoot look like?
  4. I'm absolutely guessing here, but... a duck's foot?
  5. ^ Rimshot please!

    Kind of an interesting question, usually outdoor growers are concerned with how they can make their MJ look like something else, not with how to get even more foliage that looks like MJ. Have you considered the disguise route rather than the carbon copy route?

    I would wonder if the true MJ would be concealed by your approach -- what would draw more attention, 4 MJ plants or a cluster of 12 plants that all look like MJ?
  6. I recommend using a combo of LST, pinning some fake tropical flowers on it, and just putting it amongst other plants (not ones that look like MJ)

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