Cannabis Leaf, Bud Garden Graphics on Fabric

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by Camomoto, Oct 14, 2014.

  1. As a watercolor painter turned computer artist, I've been working with marijuana as a subject for close to 20 years, and have been involved in some of the pioneer work with this wonderful weed. I love what I do, and have tons of respect for the medical as well as the soothing hIgh. I've been making colorful cannabis designs in Mendocino County since 2010. I'm selling them through now, 100 designs, all 420, all the time.
    I have a couple of websites, one selling my poster artwork,, and one with some close-ups of my fabric designs,
    Yes, I've been creatively high for a good 45 years. Yeah, Cannabis. CamomotoWebAllButtonsT.jpg CamoLeafOlive©.jpg 420T©.jpg CamomotoPinkT©.jpg ForestCannabisCamoT©.jpg CamomotoMendoT©.jpg 420LeafFireworksT©.jpg CannabisPinkBudT©.jpg 420GreenMixT©.jpg TieDyeBluePotLeaf©T.jpg  


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