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Cannabis Lava Cakes

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by pawpcorn, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. Has anyone made these and had success? I'm thinking about attempting them but not sure.

    If anyone has can they give me a recipe using OIL.:)
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    A lava cake can be as simple as making a pan of under-baked chocolate cupcakes :p

    But you can get a little fancier (and tastier!) if you like :D


    I had thought that I posted this recipe in the CannaPharm, ages ago, back when I shared the above photo (in October of last year)... I couldn't find it, so here's the recipe straight from my word pad :D


    This recipe makes 8 - 10 cakes, depending on the size of your ramekins.

    Divide the recipe and only make what you'll be serving fresh and hot (unless you like them cold, then make enough to last 48 hours), because re-heating can solidify, and bake the center!


    ~Smokey~ Molten Lava Hash Cakes

    - 6 Tbsp Coconut Canna or Hash Oil or Butter
    - 4 Tbsp smokey bacon fat (omit for same amount butter, if needed)
    - 8 oz dark chocolate (or canna chocolate ;) )
    - 4 extra large eggs
    - 3 extra large egg yolk
    - 7 tbsp sugar
    - 6 tbsp flour
    - 5 tsp cocoa powder
    - 1 tsp vanilla extract
    - 1/2 tsp salt

    Prepare a double boiler to melt and blend your chocolate, canna oil, and bacon fat, then using a fork or whisk, briskly
    blend your sugar and eggs in a separate bowl, until the sugar is mostly dissolved.

    Combine the two mixtures, in whichever is the larger bowl. Using a dry fork or whisk, stir and fluff your cocoa, salt,
    and flour together to loosen them up, or use a sift if you have one, and gently blend them the wet ingredients... don't stir
    too much, just get them in evenly.

    Preheat your oven to 400 F... but don't worry!

    Even the edges of your cakes, while buffered by the cooler interior, do not reach anything close to 250 F by the time
    they are removed from the oven!

    ( Baking at high temperatures is safe for canna/edibles, because while your oven may reach such high temperatures,
    your edibles do not. Even fully cooked brownies stay between 170F - 200 F internally, depending how moist or
    chewy you like them, while the edges do not exceed 270F. )

    If you have small ceramic ramekins, lightly oil or butter the sides or bases of 8 - 10 of them (8 if they are 4oz, 10 if they
    are 5oz), if not, then do the same to 10 inserts of a cupcake pan, then add your batter until a little under 3/4 full,
    leaving room for them to expand just slightly... where you're leaving the center soft, they won't expand as much as a
    traditional cake.

    Tip - If you'd like a fancy 'rippled-edge' rather than a smooth edge, you can use cupcake paper, and then peel it
    off just before serving. :)

    Sit your ramekins, or your muffin tray/s into a larger pan with an inch or two of water inside, then place into the oven.

    Bake for 12 - 15 minutes, just until the outside of the cake is firm enough to handle.

    This is where ramekins come in handy, over muffin trays....

    Remove your lava cakes, by placing your individual serving plates on top of each ramekin, then flip both of them,
    together, right-side-up, and tap gently if needed.

    If you used muffin trays, you'll want to lay some wax paper on a cutting board, lay that (wax-paper side down) over
    the tray, then flip them out all together... be careful! Then very gently, using a spatula, place each on a serving plate.

    Serve with whipped cream (or canna whipped cream ;) ), powdered sugar, or your favorite liqueur.. we used
    home made Kahlua syrup, in the photo above... it nicely compliments the smokey bacon flavor!

    A simple, Whipped Sweet Vanilla Hash Cream... made from heavy cream, vanilla extract, hash oil, and golden
    syrup (you can make your own simple syrup if you'd like, or simply just add sugar).




    Like any edible, just dose accordingly... if you made your oil well, you'll need a bit less per serving than you'd usually
    smoke, for a stronger, longer-lasting experience.

    And be careful if sharing with friends of a different or lower level of tolerance. ;)

    Enjoy! :wave:

    (PS - I'm sorry to anyone who's been tying to reach me for the last week or so, I've been pretty unwell lately, being so
    low on meds in between this and the last few crops, with the whole housing turmoil.. between my health, and knowing
    my home is going up for auction in the next few weeks, it's taken a toll on my energy and spirits.

    My kidneys, joints and stomach have all been acting up quite a lot again since I've had to cut back, they've been
    troubling me so much, that I'm being tested and re-tested for a whole plethora of new and old ailments.. figured
    while I'm in between my meds, this is probably the best time for a doctor to see what's going on. :( The canna
    regulates my system and keeps it so healthy, that I usually test in the clear :D No worries though, things will hopefully
    get better sometime soon, and I'll be back here a bit more often :) )
  3. Wow.. that sucks to hear.. I'd be so rattled and broken if I lost my house. Don't let it keep you down, the best thing you can do is at least try to keep your chin up and look forward and get rid of your problems. I wish I could mail you some dank but it wouldn't make it past the border. :( I hope luck finds you too like it found me. In general you just need some pot and I wish I could share. Don't overdue yourself if you aren't well! :) Get better!
  4. Looks amazing, thanks for sharing the recipe, Ill give it a try, though im sure my attempt wont be anywhere near as good as yours!! :D

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