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Cannabis Gummie Bear

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by grassmania, Jan 23, 2012.

  1. Iv recently been tossing around the idea of making pot gummies for a little while now and have came to only a couple conclusions.

    The first one being that i melt down a big gummy like the one in the picture on a double boil and mix in whatever amount of Drysift keif/hash/oil/tincture that i feel is necessary for my needs. After i add my special ingredient :smoke: i would pour the mixture of gummy/pot into molds of my choosing and let rest for a couple hours. Then package in individual/multiple vaccum sealed bags for storage in a dark cool area/freezer.

    the only flaws that would be associate's with this mixture would be that the gummy would not set up again (i think this would only be an issue with tincture) and that for some odd reason the gummy got TOO HOT on the double and vaped all the THC i added which would be highly unlikely...unless consuming raw THC without being in a mixture like cannibutter just doesnt work (in which case im sorry for the dumb post)

    Any flaws? Any Concerns? Anything you would change?

    This was my first post! just got done with a dab ;) thank god for spell check

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  2. You could make gummies with tincture. Its not very difficult. Buy a couple of candy molds and your there. Im pretty sure you just need Gelatin, Syrup, sugar, water, lecithin, and citrus acid. Im sure there is a recipe here somewhere.
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    So are you saying that my recipe would not work?...If so, why?
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    I don't think that will work, although I'm no chef.
    Your best bet I'd say would be to make a glycerin tincture and use that in your mix as you already use glycerin to make them.

    I'm almost certain there is a giant thread on making different weed infused lollies on here.
    I suggest you look through it.
    Also look through the normal (non weed) recipe for the gummy bears and compare it to the other lolly recipies and that should give you a fair idea of what and when to add for the desired effect.

    I hope that was some help, but I have no experience making lollies so hopefully some one a bit more versed than myself can help out.

    EDIT: Here's a link to that thread I mentioned, who know's if you're really nice the O.P. might answer some questions for you. Badkats Cannapharm Canna Caps Uv Reactive Glowing Hash Candy Canna Bombs and More
  5. From the CannaPharm :) I recommend hash oil, citric acid & lecithin extract, or glycerin tincture (only for gummy, not hard gelatin-free candy). Once you get it down, you can play around with the sugar and temperatures for different tasty textures :D

    -Canna Gummies- Non-Vegan & Vegan



  6. bad kat do you just make random edibles whenever someone comes up with an idea of an edible or do you already make them all and then just take pics and post those pics when needed?
  7. I've been doing this since before we had the internet to share the info!

    I have been moderating and contributing at various cannabis related forums for well over a decade now under this name, and until recently I also traveled, learned and instructed patients and caregivers professionally on various parts of the globe for just about as long (after cooking and growing canna for a little while before that). I also run a thread in the stickies which is about a year old, with maybe fewer than a tenth of the photo tutorials I've done.... the gummy tutorial was shared sometime last year. :)
  8. Bad Kat 2 the rescue. I have used this recipe with great success. Thanks for all that you share. As a chef myself I love your attention to detail in all of your tutorials.
  9. Would anyone care to give me a reason why adding raw keif or hash would not work?

    Thank you very much kat! I'm going to use this method! I will post pictures and prob start a yt channel on all of my edibles as i am new to being a chef but really doing my homework to produce a high quality product!
  10. its not decarbed
  11. If you have an alcohol-based tincture, you might be able to do a play off of a recipe people use to make vodka-infused gummie bears.

    The idea is that you would have a glass container with a lid and submerge the gummies in say... green dragon. You place the tub in the fridge and stir it a couple of times per day to prevent sticking. After a week or so the gummies will have absorbed the vodka (tincture in your case) and will have swollen in size. Ta da!

    A few notes. You can add part of a can of frozen juice concentrate after a few days to cut back the alcohol flavor. Sugar-free gummies stay more firm than regular. People say that the alcoholic ones can turn out deceptively strong. Keep them in the fridge to avoid them turning into mush. Oh, and if you used Bacardi 151 to make your tincture, then you can call them rummy bears.

    Now, the huge disclaimer.

    I have never done this before. I've seen drunken gummie recipes and stories all around the net.

    Good luck! And welcome to the City!
  12. thank you jack! i never had any idea of any of this...much obliged!

  13. I freakn love this Idea!!!! Heard kids these days take vodka soak gummies to school. This takes that idea to the sky

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