Cannabis growing in a satellite

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  1. Richard Branson is sending a travel rocket to space. Satellites are up there, lots of them. They are zero gravity and I am wondering about how a plant would grow. Has it been done before? Space is lawless so the biggest satellite could be sent up there to grow cannabis and it could make a super strong genetic that could be used here on earth or reveal a stronger amount of cannaboids.
    Yeah that's my though anyway and I thought I would share it
  2. Dude I bet that would be the dankest dank ever to be grown.

    Some rich stoner needs to do that... Those Russians will shoot just about anything up into space for the right price.
  3. Space is super cold, no oxygen, and extreme amounts of radiation no plant could grow up there, if you provided it wit the conditions then there just wouldn't be any difference. :eek:
  4. Well, obviously a plant can't grow in space..

    Hes talking about the zero G effects of growing a plant in spacecraft ;) or at least thats what I thought haha :p
  5. Yeah but all the atmosphere can be replicated inside a satellite with light etc and temp but the only difference would be zero gravity maybe resulting in a super fluffed up bud lol

  6. Yeah the possibilities are endless with space atm.

    who knows maybe the trichomes would be completely different, maybe the buds would be really wierd shapes.. lol you never know until you try it.

  7. NASA - Growing the Future: Plants in Space

    From the mid-deck of space shuttle Endeavor, STS-118 mission crew members Barbara Morgan, Dave Williams of the Canadian Space Agency, and Al Drew explain why they have taken basil seeds into space. They explain that NASA wants to know how to feed explorers on long-duration flights to the moon, Mars and beyond. To help NASA, the astronauts invite students to participate in the plant growth chamber experiment. In the U.S. lab in the International Space Station, Expedition 15 Flight Engineer Clayton Anderson prepares EPO Kit C (Educational Payload Operations Kit C Plant Growth Chambers) for a 20-day plant growth experiment. Viewers observe how the tiny plants grew before they were returned to Earth on shuttle mission STS-120.

    so yes they do grow plants in space
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  9. If in my lifetime space commercialism booms like I'm expecting it to you best believe I'm going to toke out in space.. dude that'll be like... I think I'll.. I almost jizz in my pants just thinking about it.
  10. i think it would need gravity to grow
  11. It would grow towards the light
  12. You might be on to something here.

    Lemme get my man RB on the phone...
  13. idk how trichomes grow or w/e but would they get pulled out to the outside of the bud giving it a thick coating on the outside?
  14. yeah im pretty sure the whole "no air in space" thing would kinda kill this
  15. Although it's interesting to think about, the weed from the spacecraft would be very week.

    Unless you planted it on the moon... or in Martian soil.

    Yeah... if you planted weed on the moon, or even Mars, I'll bet that weed will be super duper.

    Shit, this should be our misssion!

    Grow weed on Mars!

    Fuck, I'm serious man. We should go to Mars, grab a lot of dirt, and come back to Earth, and plant weed with the dirt from Mars.

    Jesus I'm sort of freaking out because I'm so excited!
  16. The government would probably come out with some shit like, "yeah we experimented with growing tomatoes because a cannabis plant could be harmful to alien life" lol. Or start complaining about the smell and how it affects the aliens. I reckon the aliens would thank earth for returning their magical plant haha. Its a shame aliens don't live on mars. They do live somewhere though. They would probably smoke or eat it then go into a deep intelligent thought about how to enter earth and come and meet us. I just thought, isn't mars or one of the planets mainly nitrogen? That could be good because the plant only takes what it needs and that eliminates the need for and fertilization. I vote for making the moon a massive greenhouse to grow weed!
  17. I was just thinking wouldn't the seed need gravity to know which way was up to sprout? Lol just my two cents
  18. Not sure but you could send a sprouted seed up there
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    They have a long, long way before they start efficiently growing plants in space.

    They can grow them, just not too great yet.

    Edit: I hate to rain on your parade, but Martian soil has an extraordinary amount of iron oxide in it, which would quickly give your plant an iron toxicity.


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