cannabis cures cancer

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    Robert Melamede,PhD

    [ame=""]YouTube - Cancer Cure - Cannabis & Cannabinoids,by Robert Melamede,PhD[/ame]

    *** Cannabinoids and tumor inhibition in the news again this week!:
    On this video filmed in 2006, Dr. Robert Melamede, Professor of Biology at the University of Colorado, explains how the body's Endo-Cannabinoid system (and plant based Cannabinoids as suppliment) kills cancer cells and inhibits tumor growth.
    Refering to 1974 U.S.government-sponsored study when THC was found to slow growth of cancer cells
    and to recent research in Spain finding that THC stopped brain tumors in rats and protected surrounding nerve tissue, demonstrating neuroprotectant aspect of Cannabinoids.
    PDF of Dr. Guzman's research:
    Refering to "Homeostatic Regulation" of several body systems by Cannabinoids, Dr. Melamede concludes that Cannabis is indeed a "Miracle Drug", also recommending hemp oil as excellent source of EFAs the body needs to fight disease.
    View Dr. Robert Melamede at 2004 Cannabis Therapeutics Conference:
    "Holistic Biochemistry of Cannabinoids"
    Dr. Guzman will be at the 2008 Cannabis Therapeutics Conference this April. More info:
    Stay Tuned!
  2. Rick Simpson already covered this...
  3. I have seen so many creditable sources that cannabis has anti-cancerous properties and work great.

    Get informed. The whole medical scene is so brainwashed and very resilant to medical cannabis. Noone says you have to smoke it ethier. Infact if you knew anything, it degrades it and loses it medical somewhat. Burning something def is not teh best process. And that's how people think of cannabis.

    Educate brotha's

  4. Ya man, eatting is the best way. Get 100% of it.
  5. Hemp oil is the cure for cancer. Rick Simpson has been curing people of cancer for over five years, and has done everything in his power to bring this to light. He contacted government, health, and legalization organizations, as well as went to the trouble of making a documentary. He says that to anyone who doesn't believe him, make some oil and put it on skin cancer, and watch it get cured. It's no coincidence that there happens to be all this scientific evidence showing cannabis could be the cure for cancer, and then there's a man curing people with cannabis with almost perfect results. This is going to change the world, and it's going to be more glorious than anything that can be imagined.

  6. that would make my life ..lmfao
  7. So Hemp not Female?

  8. Hemp is what the founding fathers called all forms of marijuana. Yes, they smoked hemp, the female buds of the hemp plant.

    "Some of my finest hours have been spent on my back veranda, smoking hemp and observing as far as my eye can see." - Thomas Jefferson
  9. So ur saying HEMP, MALE not Female with all the beautiful Trichromes, is the cure. :confused:
  10. No, it is the female. The stronger the cannabis is, the better medicine it makes. It needs to be female, it wouldn't work at all with industrial hemp. And hemp technically is all cannabis, both male and female, but in colloquial use it just means the industrial variety.
  11. ^^^

    wtf are you talking about Nuggz. Cannabis is hemp. It can be male or female...

    You should really look shit up before you post.
  12. Man, u dont know me, look at all my posts be4 u say that. I consider HEMP to be less than 1% Thc, I have many HEMP products... I kno they contain no Thc. Based on that I was asking simple questions...
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  14. This is why I toke on the daily.
  15. I checked him out on you tube. Really amazin what he has done and contines to do.
  16. I know, I've watched all his documentary videos... MIRACLES! He has his website at :wave:
  17. I am really liking this, seeing all the support for Rick Simpson. I promise you all, your support will not be in vain. The world will be changed from this and we will all benefit directly and indirectly. It is going to be revolutionary.
  18. I Feel Ya, Hemp Oil Truly Works Miracles! :)
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    I thought you were mocking it... That is at least how i understood it. my bad dude.
  20. What matters is we all agree, and that's how it should be. I'd wager that change will come in just a few months, and definitely by the end of the year. It will be incredible!

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