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cannabis cures cancer

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by geneticengineer, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. just want everyone in here to know there is growing evidence to suggest
    that cannibanoids destroy cancer cells while leaving the healthy ones intact.

    i didnt believe it but it appears to be promising do your own research. i think
    this may be a revolution of sorts if true..

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  2. so does this mean if i smoke a shit load of cigs...and a shit load of weed i'm fine..

  3. Posted in the wrong section man, im sure a moderator will move it soon though.

    Technically yes!! See THC kills nicotine receptors in the back of your throat, so if you roll a big j with some tabbaco in it as well to aid burning, they literally cancel each other out.

    Also i thing the cartheogens r still bad for lungs and damage them from cancer sticks.
  4. ya, smoking anything is going to increase lung cancer and likely gums.

    but there are LOTS of things that are proven to kill cancer cells! many things often stimulate your immune system, mainly macrophages, and that is able to kill/stop cancer cells from continuing.

    i think one BIG problem with cancer is early can never get rid of cancer, you can only stop its growth and kill it.....there is still a lot of dead tissue when its all scared (this is the idea of chemo and surgery after).

    a good read, if interested, is reishi mushrooms. there is a big long fancy chemical name that starts with P (google it) that activates many immune system cells, especially macrophages. one big problem with many different herb cures is the ability for the body to absorb said chemicals and use it when and where needed. the neat thing with reishi mushroom is it does piss all to cancer, but does LOTS to your immune system which kills more than just cancer. also some chemicals, like mentioned "big long fancy P word", are too big, too "something" to be absorbed where needed. the P word breaks down well if you take vitamin C (orally) and the stomach can then accept the smaller "peices".

    i dont know a lot about weed and cancer, but i don't think the smoke would help much....kind of like drinking to help your blood presure, but hurting your liver at teh same time. is smoking the preferred delivery system for this treatment? or would oral, or _____?, be better?
  5. Are you talking about psilocybin? Its a pretty sweet drug
  6. no, i am talking about reishi mushrooms (ganoderma lucidum). here is the name of the fancy p idea how to pronounce it: Polysaccharides

    here is a very easy to read page about it, if interested:
  7. it's pronounced like "Paulie Sack-Rides"
  8. i know i posted in the wrong section i wanted to get the word out. :)
  9. thanks...i thought that but the second c has me confused....i assumed the first "c" was a "k" sound and the ch was a normal ch sound. anyway.....waaaaaay off topic....but thanks for clearing that one up for me!
  10. Did you watch the rick simpson story by chance????? If you havent seen it theres a thread on this site somewhere, just search his name. In short he cured his skin cancer, was giving out free medicine to any sick person, and was senetened to something like 12 years in jail for it, sad story really. His perfered method was THC oil in a syringe, couple drops on a band aid or something.
  11. ok I revived it :p
  12. Could you imagine little kids with cancer smoking weed?
  13. #13 Bedorf1, Jul 22, 2010
    Last edited: Jul 22, 2010
    i hope this is true because my dad had cancer and his dad had cancer so maybe weed can save me from ever having it too

    just noticed this is from 08, your gay

  14. But why man? Why? :smoking:
  15. its a good stoner thread, sparks imagination. i've always thought its mysterious why they cannot attribute lung cancer to cannabis. i mean yes theres carcinogens in all ignited plant matter but tobacco has all sorts of volatile chemicals and carcinogenic molecules which are much more dangerous than cannabis "ah natural".

    anyone else been hearing anything about this?
  16. I know man but I mean, you know there's a whole Medical MJ section on this site? It's full of interesting threads on this topic. This is the grower section. :confused: I hear u on the getting the message out there thing, but we can go find the 'word' in the right section, personally I'm looking for grow stuff in here.

    Plus it's a real old thread and you haven't actually added anything new to it :confused_2: Have you just discovered something new on this topic then? And if so, can we at least have a link?

    Dya get my drift? :)
  17. yep it was sad

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