Cannabis cup busted

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  1. So the cannabis cup in the 'dam just got raided like 2 hours ago. one of the reasons may be that the venue of the cup changed and the mayer of the new district was not happy with it, so sent in the pigs :( :( :( this may be the beginning of the end of the cannabis cup in the 'dam :( the po are stopping and searching everyone leaving and busting anyone with more than 5g's of the beautiful herb. Police Raid Shock At 2011 High Times Cannabis Cup!! - Ali Bongo

    Fuck, i was serisouly planning to go this year with a buddy, but he couldnt go and i didnt wanna go alone. What a blseeing in disguise haha
  2. Sad panda =/
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    ^^^^ The panda is sad because his panda brethren are going extinct.

  4. Got to love that legal ambiguity. Using opium laws for their 'proper' purpose of harassing stoners.

    Me Gusta! :rolleyes:
  5. Had my ticket but didn't manage to go.. Looks like I probably avoided something lol.
  6. You sure did, confiscation of any 'decriminalised' substance you had with you; and various other bacon-related shennanigans. Oh, and can't forget B-Real, though i'm sure you'll survive that...
  7. The bacon-related shennanigans sounds delicious tbh.

  8. I am going to start a christian rap group, that is our new name :D
  9. What a step backwards. I've always looked forward to the idea of travelling to a different cannabis festival around the world every year once I've got the money. Seems my luck is looking bad if the most lax country that hosts such festivals is turning on its own forward-thinking policies :mad: let alone how other cannabis-friendly countries could follow in the wake of this
  10. THE HAGUE - Non-Dutch residents will be banned from cannabis-selling coffee shops in southern Netherlands from January 1 to spare locals from the nuisance of drug tourism, the justice ministry said Tuesday.

    The centre-right government of Prime Minister Mark Rutte has since September 2010 been weighing a "cannabis card", reserved for nationals and obligatory when visiting one of the country's 670 licenced coffee shops.

    "The measure will come into force for the (southern) provinces of Limburg, North-Brabant and Zeeland, the provinces most affected by drug tourism, on January 1," justice ministry spokeswoman Charlotte Menten told AFP.

    Under the new policy, which some have warned could drastically curb tourism revenues, licenced coffee shops will be considered private clubs with a maximum of 2,000 members limited to Dutch residents who are older than 18.

    Menten said the measures would come into force in the rest of the country in January 2013.

    The policy aims to cut down traffic jams, nocturnal disturbances, and the abundance of drug pushers catering to the millions of foreign tourists drawn to the Netherlands by its relaxed marijuana laws.

    Coffee shop owners have come out against the measures, citing expected losses in revenue.

    The European Court of Justice ruled in December that banning foreigners was justified "by the objective of combating drug tourism and the accompanying public nuisance".

    The Dutch government also plans to introduce a policy, coming into force in January 2014, requiring coffee shops to be at least 350 meters (1,200 feet) away from schools, to keep drug consumption away from children, Menten said.

    Though technically illegal, the Netherlands decriminalised the possession of less than five grammes (0.18 ounce) of cannabis in 1976 under a so-called "tolerance" polic

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    Keep The Faith The Truth Will Prevail
  11. More like to finally get the conservatives and the international realm to shut up and get their own hand in the dirty profits of the War on Drugs with each harsher policy :mad: I thought they were better than this. Well at least they're doing good outside of drug laws
  12. Sieg Heil!

    Might as well learn it, before too long we're all going to be prisoners in a capitalistic society governed by nothing more than pride, money, and lies.:cool:
  13. It's the way you use capitalism that's the issue, not the idea itself. Countries like the U.S. use it to such extremes and it's so unrestrained that it creates the rich/poor gap and oligarchical nature that everyone's protesting about right now.

    But when it's moderate and incorporates elements of socialism (e.g. Norway, Australia, not coincidentally the leaders in human development and social well-being for years and more to come) then it's the best system we've got imo. What's a viable alternative? Unless you're one of those anarchists I keep encountering on here, if so I'd rather not hear it
  14. I guess the only real comparison would be Canadians during Prohibition getting pissed off at the Americans heading over the boarder to transport their booze back home; getting pissed off about the 'nuisance' and stopping sales to them.

    Oh, wait. History didn't work like that, did it? Silly me :rolleyes:

    Would anyone care to explain to me how people coming into a country, spending their €uros on trees, and then leaving causes a nuisance for the Dutch? The only ones who'd have problems with it would be the French, German and Belgian customs people. Bloody EU pressure! :mad:
  15. And it has been all of useless in the states.

    Ideas are nice, until Americans get their dirty fuckin' hand's on them.:cool:
  16. From what I know about the US. This is very true. The problem's systemic, as well, no new leader will solve it. The system needs to be worked from the inside out to solve its problems. That's why I like anti-corruption and other NGO's and support them much more than the idea of a new leader. Of course this is a Western issue in general

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