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Cannabis cologne?

Discussion in 'General' started by c2k5, Dec 9, 2010.

  1. Are there any good colognes that smell like bud? I've googled are but from reading I've found none actually smell like weed.
  2. Kush is my cologne
  3. You'll probably have to make your own until some company decides to cash in on it.
  4. I've always wanted that. I would shower in it.
  5. Yea

    Its called Skunk Urine
  6. I've made my own using cannabis essential oil and a blend of other essential oils. I made a post about it a while ago.
  7. Just smoke bud to smell like bud...Why would you need to buy cannabis cologne? :confused:
  8. dank weed before its smoked could be desirable.
  9. The only reason you'd need cannabis cologne is if you're trying to smell like weed and you don't have weed.
  10. cop pulls you over "i smell weed" "naw sir thats just my cologne" *holds up bottle*
    "oh. you're free to go sir" (car drives off and whips out a big fat blunt and proceeds to smoke it)
  11. Word LOL that is exactly what I am thinking.
  12. This won't produce any probable cause at all...
  13. nowi know this mutha fukka high as a kite
  14. If this cologne actually came out on the market I could picture that as the TV advertisement for it. LMFAO:D.
  15. wow imagine spraying yourself with that, You would smell like a burnout
  16. Just put some dank weed in your pocket, easy cannabis "cologne" and plus you'll have some bud to smoke when you want.

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