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Cannabis butter made how it look to you

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Thc_native, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. I used about 2 3 grams with a lil butter prolly less than a cup or a cup max for more potency I need feedback let me know how it looks and what yu think !! I've never been high of edibles so I decided to try myself every edible I've ate never had no effect I hope thing change this time !! It still half freeezing by the way tht why the bottom darker

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  2. Looks good but I think you're meant to use 7gs or more when making butter idk though just going on what I've seen on GC.
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  3. Yea i just used way less butter then what should of been used for potency
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  4. Good luck man, if it was potent stuff you may just get ripped if you use enough.

    It looks tasty!
  5. Yea buh I only used a lil amount of butter so I was hoping for equal potency in littler amounts ? I hope it good I'll be dissapointed cx
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  6. Thanks man I really hope too
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  7. Mix that stuff hard, and unless it was really good shit or you have a low tolerance you may have to use a lot. Make something really fatty so you can use it!
  8. Was thinking bout eating it straight like that
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  9. I ate at like 6 tht ok right I wana test tn ? And thanks for feedback man I also grow if I check my other threads
  10. It looks like it glows , is that what they killed Superman with ?
  11. Haha more like hopefully turn me to super man
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  12. Gonna smoke some green tea. Wish me luck, I quit caffeine about 4 weeks ago. I'm most concerned about heavy metals getting a fast track to my blood stream.

  13. Why the fuck are you smoking green tea bruh? :confused_2:

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  14. I have no weed, I quit tobacco and I have a clean pipe.

    I'm drunk and want to know it feels like but I'm scared it will kill me.

    It's fun though, right? Why else would people do it...

  15. Smoking green tea won't do anything apart from make you cough up a lung :laughing: and no it won't be fun you'll most likely end up puking from smoking it..

  16. @Thc_native
    Use more weed and way less oil.
    5 grams hash or weed ( Decarb first 240 F for 40 Minutes)
    1 tablespoon Coconut oil ( Butter is OK )
    1/2 teaspoon lecithin
    Combine and heat 220 F for 20 minutes
    Hash and oil
    Now this is how I roll.
    Maximum Potency. :)

  17. Do you post this recipe on every post to do with edibles/weed butter lol I've seen it a lot :laughing:
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  18. @BrewsnWeed666
    LOL I try.
    It's damned effective and I hate seeing people waste weed in huge amounts of oil as it's just not needed and nothing is worse then a really weak oil.
    By the time you eat enough of it to get high it'll give you the runs like a good laxative.
    I virtually live on Cannabis oil since my triple rounds of Colon surgery. All that scar tissue from cutting into my belly 3 times left me a real disaster and it's all tied up in knots inside and it pulls this way and that way and if I do to much it'll have me screaming in agony.
    The highest grade hash oil I can make stops that gripping pain cold. It just goes the fuck away for several hours in a way nothing the major pharmacies make can do.
    Make really strong oil and use just a few drops rather then eating 4 fat filled brownies.
    I'd weigh 600 pounds if I was to try and get my meds in foods.:)
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  19. I actually got really really high off this butter it was crazy
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