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  1. I have Honokiol's new black pepper and cannabis recipe for his asthma medicine and fortunately it's a lot easier than the original thanks to modern methods. The original guide used equipment not available to many of us like a centrifuge and some complex steps. Now it's mainly concentrates and black pepper essential oil. Here's the recipe in his words. dragon (2015_10_01 04_32_03 UTC).gif

    1 gm high terpene THC extract at least 1/2 gm High CBD extract decarboxylated.
    1 drop black pepper essential oil
    blend with enough hemp seed oil to fill a 7.5 ml bottle.
    2 or 3 drops 2 to 4 times daily on a regular schedule.
    it is to replace steroid use, not the rescue inhaler but I haven't used a rescue inhaler since 2011.
    refrigerate to prevent rancidity.
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  2. I'm going to get some black pepper oil, hopefully tomorrow - not sure if the natural food stores near me will have it. My pain is back hard and I'm starting to get desperate. If it can kill off some of the anxiety/mania that these hard street sativas give me I'm all game. I've been taking more CBD pills, almost every day for the past week, and I feel as though I'm finally seeing some mild benefit to it, hopefully that increases over time...but me and constant sativa use just do not go well together :-/
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  3. Health food or natural food stores that carry essential oils should have the small bottles. I've seen them in the stores around here. You might as well try it. You've got nothing to lose and it just might help. Here's another link to the benefits. :)
    Michigan State Researchers Say This Oil Suppresses Human Cancer Cell Proliferation
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  4. Yeah, just reading reviews on Amazon there are people that use strictly the oil just to relieve pain. Some of that certainly can be placebo but people don't usually describe their pain well (even in this forum), so it's difficult to judge how effective anything really is until you try it. I honestly don't think it's going to do much for my pain, but I hope I'm pleasantly surprised.
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  5. don't count out just whole peppercorn either... I have a 2 oz bottle of the pepper oil and use whole peppercorns more... if you are using a topical then the oil would be great too to mix into the topical... but, still use the whole peppercorns on the spot for issues, there is more essence fresh like that than from oil IMO...
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  6. Galaxy420, could you please give details on how you use the whole peppercorns? I have not tried the oil, or the whole peppercorns, but find the concept and the anecdotal reports interesting.
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  7. so far I am using a mortar and pestle with 7 or 8 peppercorns every morning mixed with honey... and use it at every meal and chew on a few here or there to use as a cannabimimetic... the pepper oil works to mix with topicals - the formula is about @ 10% EO to topical ratio...
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  8. Is it hard to take? As in nasty tasting? Do they sell in capsules?
  9. I used ground pepper to help bring a friend down off of a scary pot “over dose”. Although the thought of whiffing it made them want to vomit, once they closed their eyes and stated just riding it out I waved the jar under their nose without them knowing it several times. Within 2.5 hours they popped right out of it! I thought I was going to be up all night with them, but they shook it off quickly with the aid of black pepper!
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  10. Citicoline works too.... Need cannabis, but dislike the "high"?
  11. Could black pepper the detox u quicker if you had a drugs urine test?
  12. I would think not as it tends to stall/delay/prolong immediate effects of cannabinnoids, hence the titration aspects when used alongside cannabis
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