Cannabis And The Cerebral

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    I found interesting research on how Cannabis affects other sectors of the brain, also what triggers a good high and what leads to a bad one. Here's is what it states:

    In summary, it basically says that one should be wise in their dosage. 
    And for people who had Cannabis trigger their Anxiety, watch this:

    I'll try to find more information related to the negative and positive psychological effects on Cannabis. It's exhilarating how our favorite stimulant affects our brain. 

  2. Great post as always. Keep up the good work. :smoking:
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    No less , no more. That's what I smoke to induce the perfect high :)
    Nice post.
  4. Don't get wrong I love fucking love being on Cloud 9 but then the elevator gets way too high lol
  5. I'm very interested in the effects of pharmaceuticals explained in neuro-scientific ways. Anything to do with the brain and what makes a man really, but this is especially interesting. It's amazing how much we know of how exactly cannabinoids affect our brain. Interesting read indeed, it fills in a few pieces of my puzzle.
    Real gangstas keep it neurological :smoke:
  6. It's okay if u don't feel anxiety :)
  7. Many drugs work this way, exhibiting almost (and, sometimes, fully) paradoxical effects depending on dosage. Alcohol is another - acting as a stimulant at low doses and a depressant at higher ones. 
    What really interests me here are those of us who don't seem to have that upper limit.....who can never get to that high where they say "yeah I'll stop here"....usually those of us who end up struggling with some form of addiction... 
  8. ^ I know that feel but after a certain bad experience i'm afraid to go THAT high. It causes me a great bit of anxiety and deters me from pursuing my "Spiritual" experiments.
    So how do you fix the effect of a bad high and ensure every high is good? or is that even possible.
  9. To fix a bad high, you would need to manipulate your sub-conscious and not project thoughts that may lead to freaking out, paranoia or anxiety. The less emphasis you put on it, the less it will effect you. Meditation and Deep Introspection helps with the process. 
    Yeah it's true that many stimulants can exhibit unpredictable responses to another person's mindset, that's why we try to find out what may be the cause or triggers it. I always hear that Alcohol can turn you into a emotional prick but every-time I drink, I don't really turn into a incompetent dumb-ass, I stay in the current mood except that I become way more extroverted and spontaneous.

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