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Cannabis and fatty liver?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by locdasmoke, Dec 16, 2011.

  1. What's up my fellow cannabis patients? I was recently diagnosed with fatty liver because of pharmaceutical medications I was on before for my pain. I got them switched out for a medical cannabis card and since then I have been medicating with my herbs for my chronic pain. I recently started cooking my canna-tea instead of smoking it, cuz it works better, but then realized that when I drink it or eat it, it gets taken up by the liver and my question is does anybody know if this can effect my liver in a bad way? Or will the cannabinoids do good on treating my liver? When I just was smoking it, my enzymes got close to normal again, but I also take milk thistle, hemp seed oil, and multivitamins daily and I've been trying to eat better foods too. My health has never been better, I hardly get sick any more, but the otherday I just started thinking if drinking my canna tea might not be as good as I thought... If anybody else has fatty liver on here, let me know about your experiences and if anybody else is knowledgeable on the subject, let me know! Thanks!
  2. You could try vaping or cooking it if you are worried about the tea. Glad to hear your on the natural medication. Hope everything works out for ya! :smoke:
  3. Yeah I've done both of those, vaping works nicely, but cooking it in tea or edibles give the best pain relief for me, I just hope it's not going to take a toll on my already damaged liver...
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    Go to a cannabis friendly doctor and talk to him/her. They should be able to tell you, and if they can´t , and you continue to ingest, have them take a baseline reading of the important liver specific markers which may indicate any burden on the liver. They should also know which Markers would be appropriate. Then go back in three months and check your levels again. Cannabis consumed as food is metabolized in the liver and induces a first pass effect which may be a good or a bad thing relative to your condition. One of the first pass effects is a mobilization of the immune system at the liver. Again,
    may be a good or a bad thing relative to your condition.

    go 2 doctor!
  5. I was diagnosed with a fatty liver about a decade ago, and I've consumed cannabis via smoking, vaping and edibles consistently since then - and have had no recurrence due to the fact that I stopped drinking alcohol about 6 months before the actual diagnosis (they had no idea what it was in the beginning).

    You should be fine, as long as you don't drink.

    Last physical my fatty liver had diminished to the point where it was no longer a real issue and my doctor said I could go ahead and drink if I wanted to in moderation, however, I just don't do it.

  6. Thanks for the info bro! I'm glad to hear this from somebody with the same liver issue that I have! There's some studies I had read before coming on here, but it was just hard to take any of them seriously because they were written by anti-cannabis and pro-cannabis organizations so they were biased in one way or another. Getting this info by a patient who has consumed cannabis while having a fatty liver is a lot more informative on the true effects it had IMO, so thanks!
  7. Well, I'll tell you - somehow I've developed a psychosomatic response to drinking alcohol - it physically makes me ill now, as in my body knows I'm not supposed to drink and ergo it hurts me. My doctor said that's physically impossible so it's all in my head I'm sure.

    I do have my yearly checkup on Monday and I'm sure they'll test my liver functions again, they always do. I'm convinced my doc is a vampire by how much blood he takes.

    And yeah, he knows I am a MMJ patient and he's OK with it.
  8. That's good, my doc at Kaiser sounded hella surprised when I told her I'm a MMJ patient and said, "I dont recommend my patients to use it" and I said I know, because of Kaiser's policies right" and she replied "yes", but she did say after that, it's better I use cannabis for my chronic pain than the pills she gave me... It's a trip that hospitals can prescribe as much opiates and other deadly pills as they want, but when it comes to a plant, the Feds wanna get involved and shut down our dispensaries (off topic I know)

  9. I had to quit drinking a year and a half ago because of the same issue. I started smoking Cannabis and my liver enzymes returned to normal and the Dr. says I have nothing to worry about, and like you, they said I could start drinking again if I wanted. I tried drinking a couple times but it just makes me sick and gives me a horrible headache now. I was an alcoholic so it's weird but nice that I cannot drink anymore!

    About the edibles, I don't know but if you find out please let us know! Take care blades!
  10. I just fell on this site and the discussion thread after a search for cannabis and effects on the liver. I have a diagnosis, pending the results of blood test, of either fatty liver or Hepatitis C. Either (or heavens, both) could be the result when seeing my provider on Monday, Sept 27. I have been using opiates for pain for the past 3 years due to disc problems and a blown meniscus in my right knee. But I was also exposed to hep C while living in northern New Mexico about 5 years ago, which has resulted in multiple GI problems and abdominal pain.

    I haven't been using cannabis for years. I want to stop the opiates and get a MM card and start with either vaporizing or ingesting to medicate for my pain. Because of ongoing asthma problems (yes, I am a mess) I cannot smoke either a joint or a pipe because the heat prevents me from inhaling properly. I'm wondering if vaporizing would be a waste of time to try because of this. I have noticed when researching this alternative, that there are different heat settings for some of the portable vaporizer devices, specifically the "puffer" type, which looks like my old asthma puffer. Does the choice of heat setting make a difference in the heat of the vapor? I am also intrigued by some of the methods that I have researched to make a tincture using alcohol and pulverized weed. I'm thinking that the high end shake available for a very reasonable cost would be ideal for this.

    Sorry if this sounds really "green", because on this subject I am. I've always been around others who offered weed to me and haven't been on the buying end at all. Typical woman, I know. But I want to correct my ignorance with the help of you knowledgeable people who can give me the 411.

    Sorry that this is so long. But thank you in advance.
  11. You really should switch out the opiates for mmj... I drank cannabis tea/chocolate milk every night before bed for about a year, took milk thistle, hemp seed oil and multivitamins and I switched my diet and stopped eating red meet like beef or pork because it's not good for bad livers and my fatty liver reversed and healed and the cannabis helped me deal with my back and shoulder pain
  12. I've already started the Mediterranean Diet from a totally vegan diet. I had to change out the oils to olive and, although I still don't don't eat beef, pork or chicken, I've added fatty fish like salmon and sardines for the omega 3's. I was vit D3 deficient because of the vegan diet. I do need to stop the opiates completely, but I need something to replace them with and I will be taking the CA form for MMJ to my appointment with me on Monday. The hemp seed oil is a good idea because that is high in omega3's as well. Drinking cannabis tea sounds like a good idea also, since I wake up 3 or 4 times a night with pain and this would help overall health if I got a good nights sleep and not have to take a nap during the day.

    Thank you for the quick response and the good suggestions. ;)
  13. Here's the recipe for the tea:

    First you need a 32 oz bottle to make the ammount I'm giving you the recipe for.
    Fill half or 2/3 of the bottle with soy milk. If you have liver problems, DO NOT USE REGULAR MILK because it is bad for livers that have problems. If you are alergic to soy you can use hemp or almond milk, works just as good, but is a lot thicker. Pour the milk from the bottle in to a pot and add about 2 grams (or a whole eigth if you wish, it will be very potent though). Add 2 caps of olive oil because the THC binds with fat and also add a coffe cup of water (if you are using almond or hemp milk, double that dose of water to thin it out a bit (but if you're making tea, do not add the extra cup and I will tell you the reason in the end of this post). You can do all this while it's heating up and then when it starts boiling, put the heat on medium to low and bring it to a simmer.
    OK now here's where the recipe changes if you want to make tea or chocolate milk. If you want to make tea, add a table spoon of honey in to the mix and if you're going to make chocolate milk, don't worry about the honey. Simmer it for up to 30 to 35 minutes and make sure you stir it frequently, about every 3 to 5 minutes until your 30-35 minutes are up.
    Now have a big bowl and a strainer ready and strain it and the weed that gets stuck in the strainer, use a paper towl and press it against the strainer so that all the fluid extracts out of it in to your bowl. Now throw away the weed cuz it's useless now, all the THC is now in your mix. Strain it back and forth a few more times until you get most the small weed out of your mix, I personally am not ever able to get it all out, but I get most out. Now pour it back in to your 32 oz bottle and if you're going to make chocolate milk, add the chocolate syrup and close the lid tight and shake the bottle. The bottle will most definitely not be full, if you added 2/3's of milk to the bottle and the water it should be about half full.
    Now if you are making tea, make sure you've heated up a cup in the microwave and add 2 bags your desired tea in to your cup and let it sit for 5 minutes, then press out the tea bags in the cup, discard the teabags and pour the cup in to the bottle.
    Add water to the rest and don't worry, it won't take away the medicine as some people might say. I've done this once to twice a week for over a year and a half now, so I really know.. Now that your bottle is full, shake it and put it in the fridge and let it stay a few hours. I usually cook this in the morning and drink my dose at night, just a tip so it can sit and blend for a while.

    Now when you dose it, depending on the ammount of medicine, start with pouring up 4oz of your drink and down it. Wait an hour and if you feel you need more, take another 4oz. Personally, that 4 oz goes a long way for me, it's only once and a while I double my dose. Now while you are waiting for the medicine to kick in, do not vaporize or smoke any weed because it will make you not notice if your medicinal drink is working or not. I've heard it a million times and I've tried it and yeah, you really won't know if your tea is working or if you're just high from smoking. The high from drinking lasts about 4 to 6 hours and depending on your dose and tolerence you might get really high or you might just take the edge off of your pain. When it's in a drink and you learn the right dose for you it's a whole lot better then smoking it, except for the wait. I hope this helps
  14. Thank you so much. This really does help. I appreciated the detailed description of how to do this and I think making tea will work just fine for me to get started. Again, thank you very much. :wave:
  15. Hi everyone I came across this site because I was looking for the same answer about having a fatty liver, and Im so glad I found it. I also have sever fibromyalgia :( and I feel so useless. Im looking for other ways to get the benefits without having to smoke it.
    So glad I found this site.
  16. Also I forgot to mention, cook it with the lid on the pot instead and when it simmers put the heat on low, the milk won't evaporate as much and neither will your herb and this will make the milk even more potent

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