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Cannabis and ASTHMA medication

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Daniel F., May 13, 2006.

  1. Does anyone know about weird effects happening to people who smoke cannabis and take asthma medication. Whenever i take my asthma medications and then smoke one joint ONLY ONE I think I have a weird trip not a normal high or just a super high... Maybe the medications i take makes the high bigger or something. Anyway the meds I take are : rinialer, nasomet and symbicort. Can anyone help me out here?
  2. im not sure of the effects of using asthma medication and smoking...but whenever i use my inhaler before i take a hit, i barely feel the smoke in my lungs or throat and i can get bigger hits
  3. this should be in medical section but who gives a fuck. Probably some medications can altre the effect of weed
  4. Simbycort increases my heart rate and gives me a bigger high i think... At least the other night i took 2 hits of simbycourt and four the next day and smoked three weed joints and one with weed and hash and i got mild closed eye visuals, like a trip. I usually don´t get that when i smoke without the medications.
  5. I don't know what to tell you but cannabis used to be perscribed as asthma medication along long time ago.
  6. I dont have asthma but sometimes after a big rip if im smoking with this one kid we always take hits off his asthma inhaler, it opens your lungs and makes you breathe better i have never noticed any "tripping" effects.
  7. That's a good random fact.
  8. Yes, that´s why i think my inhalers makes cannabis more potent because they have similar effects or something like that
  9. Well, the past few days I've been having trouble breathing. I can definetly feel my airway being constricted... So when I breathe in, its like theres a regulator in my throat (damn I'm around pneumatics too much to use a simile like that).

    I used my mom's asthma inhalor (she has hardcore asthma in the winter), and it was fine.. I'm assuming its my asthma. I havent had asthma problems since I was a kid, and even then, it wasnt a problem, it was just a little weezing when I do exercise.

    Anyways, I've only been smoking regularly for the past 6 months or so. Before that it was just a with friends/sometimes on the weekends if I bought any kinda thing.

    Then again, its also spring, so theres lots of pollon (but tons of rain)...
  10. I am pretty sure that smoking reefer is ok to do with asthma, I used to know this lady who hung out w/ my mom and she smoked and she had really bad asthma. She ended up dying one night she had a horrible attack and could not find the inhaler or something, I have moved since this happened, but it did not hurt her at all, she was did in by the asthma. Good luck and I hope you find somne answers. JOE>
  11. never heard of those asthma medications. ventolin, salbutamol and becotide are the only one's i've ever been prescribed and i've rarely if ever taken them with cannabis.... because if i have cannabis, chances are i'm not going to need any more bronchial dialation as the cannabis does an excellent job at that on it's own without the need for the pharmaceutical junk.

    having said that... ever tried taking a massive dose of your inhaler? woah thats some crazy shit. really fucking sore head after, but wow does it make things uhh... weird and wobbly, like its been filled with glue or something.

    anyways, cannabis is a great treatment for asthma. just make sure it's potent enough to counteract all the other crap in the smoke, otherwise its just not medicinal grade.
  12. What you're probably experiencing is the effect of using an inhaled drug after using a bronco-diolator. The asthma meds make your lungs open up, way up, and then you are smoking, so more smoke goes into your lungs and it goes in deeper than usual. So its just a good high I guess. But yeah, thats champion, havent heard it before from anyone...
  13. i have severe asthma and i have smoked for a decade and herb is better than any asthma medicine on the market they usually make u lite headed nauseated and bouncing of the walls! herb saved my life. helps me sleep, eat keeps my blood presure low and bronchil tubes open and breajhing good. I maybe cough a lil while smokin but right after words deep clean breaths !!!! i have a doctors appoinment for my card and i am requesting it for my asthma. With the medicine for asthma also, im not sure. be healhy and keep it natural.
  14. Maybe I'm onto something with my idea that tolerance is mostly just about how clean your lungs are. Your medication should help keep your lungs clear, as should your inhaler, allowing more THC to be absorbed when you smoke, therefore effectively making it look like the medication gets you higher or you have a lower tolerance.

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