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  1. Hey guys I've been looking all over the Internet and can't seem to find anything too helpful... But I would like to know if you could infuse bacon grease with THC. I've made canna oil with coconut oil but I am looking to make it with grease. I don't plan on cooking with the bacon grease but would put them in capsule form. Would this work just as good or not so much. Hopefully someone knows. Thanks.

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  2. Here's the thing....

    Yes, you can infuse bacon grease with cannabis. You'd do it like any other oil/butter you make. BUT.... bacon grease goes rancid easily and quickly. You wouldn't want to use it for capsules unless you were immediately eating all the capsules at once. Otherwise you'd want something shelf stable, like coconut oil. You'd need to keep anything with bacon grease refrigerated all the time, it wouldn't travel well, and will start to smell like hell as it goes rancid.
  3. Thank you sneaky snake. I did more research on the subject and what I learned was this: you need a lipid that is HIGH in saturated fat. So I compared bacon vs. coconut oil. Bacon grease has approx. 4g saturated fat in one teaspoon where as coconut oil has 16g per teaspoon. So 4x the amount of saturated fats. That's why it is better. Learning about bacon grease going rancid is totally news to me. Never really kept it that long. But thank you for the input.

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