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Canna Oil?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Head Spin, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. How long will canna oil last? I know It's supposed to be kept in a dark place but Is It really bad if It's seem some light? I mean I didn't just keep it in the light I just opened the cupboard a few times just to get some stuff out. Will It still be fine?

    Also Will It make It more potent?

    I just don't want It to harm Anyone.

    Is There a few Ways I know it will be safe?
  2. Anyone?!?!?!
  3. relax this board isn't as fast as some others

    yes its still fine if it has seen the sun for a few brief moments, it would have negative effects when it's been in the sun for hours on end. This isn't the case so don't worry

    if you want to save it for a good while, it can be stored in the freezer for a few months easily! At room temp you should still be safe if its been there under a month, if it doesn't look rancid or smell weird, go ahead and eat it/bake into something.
  4. Uhh, It's been There longer then a month, And What does rancid look like?
  5. Around 5 months or more.
  6. Id just fucking drink it and see what happens

  7. What kind of oil did you use? Most cooking oils have a really long shelf life, a year or more. Coconut oil does not have to be refrigerated and can easily remain on the shelf for that long. Don't let it get too warm and it should be good. But the best bet is to put it in the fridge.
  8. Used Sunny Select Pea Oil, only stuff I had, any clue how long that last?
  9. Rancid looks cloudy (but this is late in the rancid stages), but smell and taste is the give-away. If it smells or tastes "off", it has gone racid. Unfortunately, "off" can be any number of things... Such as, metallic, musty, winey, etc. As for taste it might be dirty, bitter, acidic, etc.

    Cool and dark is usually and good place to keep it. Generally, your cupboard should be safe.
  10. Never tasted weed oil before. Does It just taste like weed+oil? ahah.

  11. Pretty much, lol.

    My parents have a bottle I made in the fridge that is about a year old and it is just as potent as ever.
  12. Sweet! Also is There a way I can just drink some to see if it is still good or will it make Me sick if its bad?

    Also how much to drink?
  13. Friend said it taste like weed and oil.
  14. Would He be able to mix a table spoon or 2 with a cup of juice to see if it hits Him?

  15. I have done this many times, or just eat it.

    Dose depends on the strength... The stuff I make a teaspoon gets you baked, and a tablespoon knocks you on your ass.

  16. I agree with AgMan. If you made it with any strength at all, a tablespoon could be dangerous:smoke:. It should still be good. Put it in the fridge if you're worried for future use.
  17. hell yeah drinking cannaoil. i remember those days lol. that shit gets u seriously fucked up. i made some stuff and an ounce of that shit had me not even knowing where i was in my own room!!!!
  18. [quote name='"stevo22"']hell yeah drinking cannaoil. i remember those days lol. that shit gets u seriously fucked up. i made some stuff and an ounce of that shit had me not even knowing where i was in my own room!!!![/quote]

    A shot glass worth is way too much, at least at my strength. Best to start small and see...

    I bet you were functionally retarded, lol. Did you drool on yourself?

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