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Canna-Oil vs. Canna-Butter

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by pureherbalcure, Jul 25, 2012.

  1. Personally, I have only ever used oil and used the crockpot method as it is least labor intensive, but I wanted to know if anyone knew how the THC absorption compared between butter and oil, and also between specific oils -vegetable, coconut, peanut, olive, etc.

    Because I recently saw a claim in this forum that vegetable oil was bad, but does anyone have any info to support that?
  2. The most potent, to my knowledge of experience and research, is coconut oil.

    It has 100% total fat content. Which that alone is better than the rest. It also contains a high level of MCTs. Which is medium chain transporters. These are helpful to the digestive system, as they do what the name says; transport! :p

    Basically making the active cannabinoids more bioavailable to the body. Helping it to absorb more and achieve more of your high

    Coconut oil also has many other health benefits as mentioned already. It is an anti-biodial, meaning it boost immune systems. And has many other benefits.

    Google it to find all the little details. But CO is def my recommendation!
  3. The proper term is "Medium Chain Triglycerides." Everything else in the post is correct.

    I'm hesitant to bump a semi-dead thread just to point this out, but given the great search function on Grasscity, I'll risk offending some people.
  4. QUESTION: I see SO many ways to make cannabutter .. from using butter to coconut oil, and adding water or not. Why would I add water if I'm making it in a crockpot? Isn't the cooking part just supposed to infuse the THC oils into the butter, without burning it up? The more I watch, the more I am confused. Today, I bought the magicalbutter.com machine because, frankly, I'm scared to waste this expensive herb and have it end up ruined! Why DO I need water???
  5. Woah, bro! Never add water. Weed (ground), oil/butter, heat, time.

    The long way:
    Step 1: Weed + time + heat = active weed.

    Step 2: Active weed + oil + heat = weed-infused oil.

    The short way:
    Weed + time + heat + oil = weed-infused oil
  6. The water is actually used to slow down the cooking process in order to keep the cannabis from burning. It also makes the butter taste a lot "cleaner". Finally, it'll make removing the butter easier as the cannabis oils will cling to the fat in the butter and the butter will rise to the top and solidify into one big chunk of butter.

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