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Canna oil uses?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by roffles92, Aug 31, 2011.

  1. Other than using canna oil for brownies, what else can you use canna oil on? Something that doesnt require more cooking (im exhausted) but has potent effects.
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    Cookies and brownies, are at the 'upper end' of the safe range for processing edible oil :) There is also the risk of 'forgetting' them in the oven for a few moments too long :p A cold recipe can help to preserve the potency of your oil by reducing the risk for degradation during further heat processing.

    -Capsules-, -Canna 'BOMBS'- and simple -Truffles-, will work [​IMG] You likely have all the ingredients for at least the truffles, or the Bombs (you can omit the chocolate coating, for a quick peanut butter canna fudge). Link containing photo tutorial/recipes, below:

    Photo Tutorial: Highly Activated Med Grade Bioavailable Canna & Hash Oils, Edibles, Drinkables and more...






  3. ^^ BadKittySmiles always has awwwwesome recipes. Definitely make some of that shit if you can. :smoking:

    Though in the past when I've felt incredibly lazy I have used canna-oil by spreading it on some peanut butter toast, or pouring about a tablespoon of it into some top ramen.

    You can use it with anything that you could use regular oil for. I've even used it as a salad dressing. :p
  4. It will go with most anything you can think of as BKS showed us. :) yummy

    I dissolved a 1/2 gram of hash in two tablespoons of heated oil and then added 4 beaten eggs and fried them up nice. Ate half and my boy ate the other half, very nice high. I will have to do this more often as I love scrambled eggs and omelets.
  5. You can emulsify a vinaigrette with it.
  6. hey bks, got any cannaoil recipes with cook/prep time less than 20 min? yours look amazing but definitely take longer than I want to spend. the best i've come up with is a single serving cookie that can mixed in a measuring cup and takes 10 min to bake.
  7. What I like to do is make non-bake fudge/brownies. Takes about five minutes plus cooling time.

    1. Melt chocolate and peanut butter in microwave. Omit PB if it's not your thing.
    2. Add cannaoil you made earlier. Mix it up.
    3. Chances are, even on cooling the amount of oil etc might prevent it hardening to a reasonable level. I usually add rice flour to pad it out and help "stiffen" it up. But I've also found breakfast cereal crushed up also works well. Ad as much as you think you need.
    4. Chill, freeze for an hour or so. Eat as is or cut into portions etc.

    I frequently do this in a 6cm diameter, 4cm high round container with small quantities and if your cannaoil is good, that space/amount should be enough for up to 4 serves (again, depending on your tolerance, herb quality, cannaoil quality etc)

    Ingredients can be freely substituted, but I find choco/PB works well and solidifies to a good degree. Plus it only takes a few minutes to make.
  8. Absolute BEST way to use Cannaoil!!!

    *RIGHT HERE!!!*

    If you do some research (or if you already know), you will see that Mangoes have a MAJOR effect on how Marijuana effects the mind and body. It can increase "potency" and how "fast" the cannabinoids affect someone, as much as DOUBLE! Yep, mangoes can cut the time in half that marijuana starts to effect you, as well as some other "cool things"! Haha! Yes, mangoes are pretty strong and some may not like them due to their texture, taste, etc. But I use it's taste and effects on Mary Jane to my favor!

    When I need to injest my Cannaoil, I just mix WHATEVER amount I please with either a homemade Mango Smoothie or a "Naked Brand" Mango Smoothie. You taste absolutely NOTHING. I mean literally, NOTHING! And I've used a HALF A CUP of Cannaoil before!!! That's a very hard thing to do with Cannaoil (atleast in my 25+ yr experience(s)). It's very hard to get rid of that "earthy" taste, in my opinion.

    So, not only do the Mangoes and MJ complement each other, you also have ZERO nasty taste... it's a win/win situation! Have fun and "stay baked"! Literally.

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