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canna milk

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by rumblefish, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. so as i was leaving the club, this guy has his table set up and he's offerin up shots of some of his canna milk. when i first looked at it, it looked like chocolate milk so i downed that sucker and ohhhhhh man

    i am flyin :cool:

    the initial response this is one of the nastiest drinks i've ever tasted. and the aftertaste proves true, but give it about 5 or 6 seconds and my mouth filled with a bud taste as i got a headrush as if i had just ripped a bong.

    just from that little sip :eek:
  2. I wanna make canna milk! So it tastes bad?

  3. Add some vanilla to it or chocolate syrup or use in a milkshake and you won't know the cannabis is in there.
  4. nice, ill have to give it a go. would it work in coffee?

  5. The best canna milks start with pure milk fat... in other words, clarified butter :)

    The good news is that, so long as you activate your herb and clarify your butter properly, it should produce
    a pale-golden milk with BARELY any flavor beyond something similar to taking a hashy vape hit...

    Just terpene-ey, cannabinoid-filled goodness. :yummy:


    Usually the 'nastier' flavors are bitter plant waxes and salts, and cooked chlorophyll, and these elements are
    unnecessary, or inert, in terms of the effects provided by your milk.

    These inert components are invited in by water contamination during processing. These inert byproducts of
    water contamination, during the process, can somewhat 'mar' or damage the aesthetic experience, or
    pleasure, of an otherwise very good milk.

    In other words it can be potent, but a bit harder to swallow, than a clean milk. :eek:


    All it takes to make the very best canna milk, is 1) a decent canna butter and 2) then using gentle heat, and
    a fork or a whisk, to reincorporate that butter with the milk or cream product of your choosing.

    It can be used as coffee creamer, for whipped cream, and even hashy egg nog :D

    Quick excerpts from the CannaPharm photo tutorials, below... these should give you the right idea (but you
    can check the 'Pharm, if you need any help with the full recipes)!





    And the 'Nog...


    Solid chuck of coconut hash oil, and a few doses of glycerin tincture...


    I prefer using coconut oil, versus clarified butter, for better bioavailability (ie. stronger & longer-lasting
    effects, produced by less material... this helps create a few extra doses from the same batch and material :) ).

    Simple as that! :hello:
  6. wow bksmiles... you went above and beyond the call of duty on that one - hats off to you my friend.

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