Canna Coco line and nutrient burn

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  1. I'm looking for some good advice on using the Canna Coco a+b. I've used it on my last 3 grows and always end up battling with burn even using half the recommended strength. here is my total set up:
    600watt air cooled HPS in a 4x4x8 closet. running 2 inline fans venting into my attic. Temp runs between 78-82degrees with 50% RH. the feed schedule i use is as follows:
    canna coco a+b 3.5ml
    rhizo 2ml
    zyme 5ml
    calmag 2ml
    koolbloom 3ml PPM = 650-658 at PH 5.9-6
    The burn starts around the same time every grow, about 3 weeks into flower cycle the leaf tips start to burn. the worst its ever gotten was about 3/8" of the tips die and fall off but i believe it has effected the final yield and size of the buds in most of my grows. Any advise would be awsome!!

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  2. Hi.. i use coco cana etc too and in nearly 3 weekflower.. cud it be because the size of ya pots is way too small for that plant in mo love???? Maybe the strengh of nutes burning due to thd limited amount of coco dt just an idea.. i used 25 to 30 litre pots wi no probs love. Also the plant needs various nutes in flower compared to veg love . Thus cud be another thin maybe thing wrong. Not sure as u didng mention bloom etc.. hope tnis helps . Just first thoughts on readin ya post. Gud luck and hope its sorted xx happy growin x
  3. I've found that half strength is about right in canna but you need to feed ph'd water sometimes. How often depends on the size of the plant, at early veg I usually go WWF then later on bring it up to WFF. You also need to make sure you're getting some run off when you feed to stop salts building up. I've heard of people feeding every time but I haven't managed that with canna

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  4. Sorry, that wasn't clear. By WFF I mean water on 2 occasions then feed on one and repeat

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  5. Interesting, I water to 30% runn off once a day. I fixed the burn prob. Now 2 weeks from harvest and a bunch of yellow leaves falling off

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  6. Leaves usually yellow towards the end of harvest... as long as it isn't too many
  7. Look forward to seeing a bit of bud porn lol
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  8. Hey mate
    I am also using the canna range for the first time and i found I got a burn in week 3-4 also.. I narrowed it down to phosphorus or phosphate deficiency?.

    I have two bubbelicous pheno types and one was effected more than The other.

    I'm in 30L soft pots and I really think I should have gone bigger.. Check out my grow journal..
    I just trimmed the leaves and gave them.a bitt if a flush and they came good.. Do you think it's the pots or the nutes..

    foozou420 canna terra grow journal
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    I use canna coco always, you just need to follow the feeding chart on canna site, make sure you ph and EC your feed. And add calmag i use the general hydroponics one.

    Ps i use auto pots and just make a res of about 10l at a time. just keep on top of the ph each day as it will rise. Also check your ec each day to as sometime the plant may just take some of the water an not the feed so then if the EC rises you can just add more water to knock it down and the PH again. Sometimes people overthink things especially with coco.

    Grow Guide | CANNA UK

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  10. Nice looking buds! I also used Autopot with the Canna coco line to great effect in my first grow. Just followed the Canna chart and the ladies were pleased.
  11. I've been only using canna a+b in veg and lucas formula (jungle juice) for flower. But seedlings I'd do 1 ml/gal for 2 weeks then bump it up. Full strength for mothers I would do 4 ml/gal. I had good results with canna but I do like how the JJ I use 2.5 ml/gal and it seems easier to raise it as I go. But I've always loved canna. Seemed like when I used RO water sometimes I wouldn't even need to pH it. Only with RO though in my experience.
  12. Bet you it's the additives throwing your p and k ratios off .. Prob not nuts burn

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