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  1. Well, I'm not the best photographer but nonetheless, this is what I've got so far. I have a Bent bubbler with a helix perc, a Toro micro 7/13, a 13" David Goldstein fritted disk tube, and a 12" mini Medicali 8 arm straight shot.

    enjoy :)

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  2. I was checking those Bent pieces out a few weeks ago. I like that Helix. Might have to get it.

  3. definitely worth it, sadly however.. I'm selling mine
  4. How do you like the DGFD? I sold mine 3 days after I got it. But my friend loved it. Idk I don't get DG fans. Funny thing is I wanted one so fucking bad. Its fun to stack bubbles but that got old quick.
    Nice 7/13. I might get a full size next year.
  5. beautiful pieces man.. i really like them all. nice and simple
  6. A LOT of people are selling their DG's right now. They're trying to get max value, while they can... because the market is going to be saturated. I personally know, 3 people getting rid of their DGs.

    In fact, I'd be selling that DG, before that Bent.

  7. I've had mine for about three days now and i couldn't imagine selling it. its easily become one of my favorite pieces of all time. the smoothness is what makes this piece such a stand out. but who knows, i go through pieces left and right lol
  8. I would Never sell one if I got one! It looks like an amazing piece!

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