Candyflippin(X+Acid) Party Question

Discussion in 'General' started by toomeyboy, May 3, 2006.

  1. Me and some friends are getting together to throw an awesome party and to get some acid, since most of us haven't done it yet. But we were wondering if we should also get x too and take them together(candyflipping), obviously to put us in a better mood and to help keep us from having a bad trip.

    The problem is that compared to acid (as many of you prolly know), x is pretty expensive. So do you guys think that we should just stick with the acid alone, or do you think that spending the extra for X is worth it?
  2. I don't think an acid party is a good idea, especially if it's your first time. I don't consider acid a party drug, at all. However, my old dealer used to throw little roll partys. You guys should start with that.
  3. candyflipping is a extremely fun but also extremely intense experience, if you have not done X or Acid alone i would not candyflip. If you have done both seperate then i would do it! But keep in mind that candyflipping is something that is a unique experience and should not be seen as "putting us in a better mood" type thing.

  4. acid's intense enough. i definitely wouldn't mix it til u get a feel for it, esp. if this is your first time doing it, i wouldn't do that quite yet
  5. well, it's not really a party, more like a get-together or something.
    There's only gonna be like 3-4 people, at least 1 has done it before tho
  6. oh ok, thanks for the reply's.
    so do you think just acid then or what? I've really been wanting to do acid and it's much cheaper
  7. just stick with the acid....if it's not intense enough, take another hit and that should be good
  8. dude, XTC isn't very expensive. You can get a triple stack for like 15 bucks
  9. you'll never get a true triple stack for that much, its just like a gimmick to get you to throw down some more cash. if you have the cash i would do it though... i sure as hell know i would. unless your a moron you'll be completley able to handle it.
  10. Ive seen extremely experienced drug users candyflip and freak out before, so i would suggest against it, unless you think you can handle it, in the end the only thing that will effect you in a negative/positive way is urself

  11. I got right paranoid for a few minutes after I realised I was sipping a beer as I felt my first DXM trip start to kick in. I could never find the courage to mix 2 drugs like that unless I had done them both more than once. :eek:

    Shit, I doublechecked the forums before I smoke up during that trip!

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