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candy jack?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by chillguy420, May 16, 2010.

  1. has anyone here ever heard of the strain candy jack? i cant see to find it anywhere online.
  2. odd, i cant find anything either, ive never heard of it, maybe its a slang term for another strain :smoking:
  3. I may be mistaken but I belive it's candy apple haze x Jack Herer. The Green Door in San Francisco carries it. I have about a half oz left from the cannibus cup and absolutely love it!!! The trichome accumulation on these budz are outstanding! It's got a very fruity sweet smell with a slight lemon spice in the background. I think it smells like "Lime Starburst" candy. The high is very clean but I vaproize so I can't say about combusting. It's got a very high ceiling. I did a "sugar blast" with this strain and it was almost like doing a Nitrous balloon. I was dizzy and the room spinned a little. My wife freaked out on me a after seeing me lose my balance. That has never happend to me in all my 25+ years of smoking or vaporizing Cannibus. I boiught an oz about 5 minutes later. I highly recommend this strain to any connoisseurs out there in Nor-Cal.:smoking:
  4. I call Jack Daniel's candy, if thats what you meant?
  5. Sounds good. Many names are made up by the carrier. I invented Fire Kloud Kush as a name. Many people just make up names. Just check trich content. Make sure its good weed and if it is fuck the name. Blaze it. :D
  6. Puff Puff Passity. :)
  7. Candy Jack is a cross between Cotton Candy and Jack Herer. Its available at a few clubs in the bay area. Including my favorite in Vallejo, W.S.G.
  8. you can get it at the green door in san francisco too it won the 2nd place sativa in the high times medical cup.
  9. :wave:

    In San Diego Candy Jack is alive and well, winning 2nd place in High Times award, a stiicky, great smell and srong sativa

    Look up The Green Door on weedmaps, search east Dan Diego, then just type in the Green Door's name, NEAT INTERACTIVE MENU
  10. Candy Jack is one of our most popular buds, this sativa-dominant hybrid varies in color from dark to light green, but always sprouts dark orange hairs.Flavor: Overwhelming kush flavor --- spicy and hard to hold in.Feel: Uplifting.THC: 22.30 CBD: 0.33 CBN: 0.42lso in San Diego
    from the menu...
    The Green Door Rainer Ave SD CA (East San Diego)
  11. Cotton Candy Kush x Jack herer Seems like a dope strain, alot of Jack crossings out there. I haven't tried this one yet, but I am down to try some next time. Heard it has the potent kick of Jack but the taste of cotton candy. Jack Herer is a spicey herb though.

  12. :wave::smoke:
  13. hey out there
  14. yep. i just bought some of it today. it tastes and smells lovely. subtle mint and fruit. its a sativa and it has a gentle let down. i didnt even really feel myself get unhigh, if that makes since. im pretty blown now. so... yea :D
  15. Nice, cotton candy is one of my favorite strains and one that I rarely see people post about.
  16. Yeah, I got some of this from our collective. My girlfriend likes it a lot. Personally I thought it tasted like crap- got high off it though... Good stuff in the sense that it is potent!
  17. Who are you asking for pics?
  18. then your apart of the problem now aren't you?
  19. Who are you asking for pics?

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