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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Mar 16, 2003.

  1. I have a very great friend who has cancer. He has it bad!

    He is doing a herbal medication since he is too week for kemo.

    I was wondering if any one knew of this type of medication...

    I went by to see him yesterday and I am just over welmed with what I saw!

    He looks like someone took a vaccume and sucked the life out of his body. I had last seen him about 2 months ago when he looked good and was going strong..

    My heart has fallen to my feet over this. I just can't help but want to find out what I can so i can help!.

    I have already found some of the info. I just know there is more than what I have found!

    I want everyone to smoke at least one bowl, bong, or joint for him today!

    Say Prayers or send karma. I love this guy and want to help. May our love and compasion raise him abouve the pain!!!!!
  2. Bud Head i will keep your friend in my prayers, and will smoke a bowl for him.......sorry to hear that he can't undergo chemo!.......i hope he does get better.......Peace out.....Sid
  3. Bud Head, I've been sending constant karma for him and for you. I am SO sorry that your heart is being burdened by such a tragedy. I know a friend who's mother is going a different route than chemo but she also isn't as far in the stages as your friend is....I will ask him what she is doing, though.

    You are such an amazing man and and even more amazing friend...your friendship will help him more than you know and our combined karma may help take away some of the pain.

    I don't care what anyone says about it...this family here has special powers when we combine our love and karma and prayers. You guys helped save my mother. I firmly believe that and I'm thankful for it everyday.

    Keep reaching out to your friend and we'll do what we can from our corners of the Earth.

    I love you, Bud Head!
  4. ::lots of awesome cancer ass kicking karma to BH's friend::

    I'm not good at comforting anyone...I'm a better listener, but you know that you and your friend are both in my thoughts and prayers. The best you can do is just be there for him now.
  5. I think you've had your share of bad news for awhile. So, I'll go send some major good vibes over the hills to Tenn.

    Cancer is an ugly thing, I've watched it take many lives that were close to mine. If you saw you're friend a day or two after his chemo, those are the worst days. It eases up a little after that. I know it's hard, but Critter is right! Make the time you have left good as possible. Also, does you friend smoke? Keep him in weed, helps keep the appetite up, which will help him recover from the chemo.

    Take care.

    Better days are coming!

    I'm off to burn one and send some vibes to make it all well!
  6. Aw Bud Head I am so sorry your friend has been hit by cancer. It's such a rough thing to go through, and very hard to watch. The best thing you can do is be there for him, and smoke him out - it will help his pain. Take your heart off of your feet and share it with your friend.

    Every bowl I smoke today will be for you and hopes of strength for you, and your friend, so you can both endure this. *HUGS* and many positive thoughts and prayer.
  7. bud, you know just how much i suck at this.......
    im sending all my vibes, good wishes and karma directly.
    *gives budhead a huge hug*
  8. Thanks blades and bladies.

    He can only see people for about 4-5 minutes every 4-6 hours. I already know that there is not much hope. I am not asking anything for myself..... I'll be fine!!!!!!!

    I just want everyone to send good vibes and prayers to him for his pain..I would like for him not to have much pain in what ever happens.

    The prayers and good karma I know is a way that at least I can help in easing his pain..

    Again thanks for all the prayers, good vibes and karma..

    I love you guys!!!!!!
  9. /sheds a tear

    It's really sad seeing somebody you care about dying from cancer, I would know.

    I'll go smoke a bowl for your friend... right now!
  10. sorry for ur friend BH :(

    i HATE cancer.
    all kinda, pure basterds.
    grandma died from it, along with many other ppl I know.
    I wish they'd find a cure for it!
    muchos karma for ur friend man.

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