Canadians: Luckiest People Alive

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by SS4DBZ, Apr 18, 2004.

  1. Everyone who lives in Canada, this is GREAT news for you! And for those of us in the US, we may have to consider moving to Canada. I hope the US will follow Canada's footsteps on this one.

    If this was already posted by someone else, I apologize.

    Here's the message NORML sent out the other day:

    The British Columbia Civil Liberties Association
    Presents A Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Law Reform:

    Legal Cannabis in Canada

    It is far past time that cannabis be removed from the Criminal Code and
    that a workable system of regulation replace Canada's current social
    policy of prohibition. Numerous studies and government commissions have
    concluded that prohibition is a failed social policy that does more harm
    than good. This conference, however, will not focus on the harms of
    prohibition. Instead, participants from a wide variety of fields will
    demonstrate the ramifications of a legal cannabis environment.

    Discussion Topics Include

    * Models for a Regulatory Environment – Recreational and Medical
    * Law Enforcement and Judicial Resource Allocation
    * Economic Impacts of Legalized Marijuana
    * Internal Treaty Ramifications
    * Public Health Perspectives
    * The State of Cannabis Research
    * Safe, Legal Cannabis Cultivation

    Date of Conference: Saturday, May 8, 2004
    Location: The Wosk Centre for Dialogue, Vancouver BC
    Keynote Speaker: The Honourable Senator Pierre Claude Nolin

    Tickets are available for $20 each. Ticket price includes admission to the
    conference, a copy of all written materials presented at the conference
    and two coffee services. Lunch is not currently included, but will be
    provided budget permitting. Seating is limited and a maximum of two
    tickets per person may be purchased.

    For tickets or more information contact:
    Kirk Tousaw, BCCLA Policy Director
    (email is the preferred method of contact)
  2. is the conference going to be spoken in french?
  3. Very doubtful. The only French part of Canada is Quebec. Quebec is like a completely different country in many ways. But the conference is being held in British Colombia, so it should be in English.
  4. it's just weed....who cares if it's illegal, it only means it'll be harder for you to have it 24/7....
  5. ^tell that to someone who's gotten busted
  6. Exactly. I live in Canada and I would be in Heaven if they decriminalized it.
  7. HEY LOOK!!! yet another reason to hate canada....

  8. I thought more of Canada spoke french that just Quebec. I might be interested in going... (would depend on if I could find a good ticket price for that time)

    LMAO...oh my some people..hahaha

    :D :D

  9. dude, why would you say that... its alright to have envy towards them because it will make it easier for them to smoke... but damn... get over yourself

  10. If youre underage....

    Is it hard for anyone of age on here to get alcohol when they want it? Cigarettes?

    Its not even hard to get alcohol when youre underage, so how will making weed legal make it harder to get?
  11. lucky bastards!

  12. no offense, but fuck that.
    I love canada, and canadians are the shit, its the best place on earth and they have the right idea
    im an american but i would one day like to live in bc

  13. that's not wut i said :D i said that NOW it's illegal and it being illegal really reduces only 1 thing being how often u use it....sorry about that tho i was fucked up and didn't realize the issue of getting busted :)
  14. i forsee many roadies to canada :)
  15. Now this just makes me happy.

    I live in Canada and I've been following this shit closely :D

    The buzz is: It will most likely be legal to grow and buy it if you are 16 or older, just like smokes and booze.

    BC ( British Columbia ) grows world renowned pot man its crazy theres hundreds of little cities (like 500 to 10 000 people) that there whole economy is based on pot sale. you can walk down the street and smoke a joint or whatever

    Canada is a way better country for potthan the US.. im so proud to be a Canadian :cool:

    if someone on a roadtrip wants to stop in ontario well have a good time. heh heh :D

  16. being canadian rocks!

    hopefully this pulls through;) they'll probly tax the shit out of it, but i don't care, just at least decriminalize the shit!
  17. even with taxes, it will be way cheaper. I bet you will be buying 1/8oz for like $10-$20 if you aren't paying overhead for
    -your dealer
    -your dealer's dealer
    -your dealer's dealer's dealer
    -the original grower
    -all the weed that gets confiscated by the po

    I can't wait to come visit after this goes through . . .
  18. Wasn't something like this passed a year or two ago? And then they took it away?
  19. yea before it got decriminalized for under 30 grams but you got like a ticket type thing but it was repealed after a few months to get put under a committee or something.

  20. The best part about it would be, different quality and types of bud for different prices. You know the government won't sell dirt, it should be prime cake ladies n gents., with a variety to choose from.
    Would still rather grow my own and buy from the store on occasion.
    Smoke On!!!

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