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Canadiangrown Purple Kush

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by ludachris, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. Magnificent shit. $200 an oz. Click the pic, then click again when it shows to see large version

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  2. That's some amazing bud man, looks super dense.
  3. OOMMGGGG so fuckin jealous :smoke:

  4. yea it is, half a gram rolled a cannon
  5. couple more shots

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  6. Looks very solid, have a nice smoke:smoke:
  7. lookin like some chronic.
    price is right too!
  8. this thread is giving me a boner
  9. see a guys amazing buds for a cheap price on grasscity and I JIZZ IN MY PANTS
  10. Damn! 200 an oz? for that dank smoke? thats so cheap.
  11. Like everyone has said, amazing prices. Lucky.

    Shit looks to be some good good. Looks like some tight buds.
  12. that bud looks good enuf to cum on then feed to my horse! <-- jk ha kinda buzzin from miller lite n wanted to fuck around. but damn thats some amazing looking smoke. nice pickup
  13. looks to be nice well trimmed and grown.
  14. dayyumm 200 ah oZ:eek:,wowww most people around here pay 400 ah zip for some frost like that but i get it for 360.still your lucky man thats a damn good price.toke oN
  15. About the only thing better would be if you grew it yourself. Great looking buds.

  16. where do u live if u dont mind me asking
  17. damn man that's a steal!! nice pick up bro!!
  18. Holy shit
  19. send some this way, man

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