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  1. Hasn't happened yet.

    From everything I've read about that, it is definitly looking very hopeful for us Canadians :) The court case is apparently going to occur sometime this summer, so after that it is only a matter of time before we legalize. Assuming all goes according to plan!

    I'm personally betting on sometime during 2009, which would hopefully set the stage for our southern neighbors to do the same.
  2. Fuck the USA... I'm moving to Canada if this happens. I'm sick of waiting for the US government to come around with the times.

    Any politician who denies cannabis laws were drawn up by racists/big businesses are liars. Anyone watching reefer madness can see how ridiculous the logic behind cannabis law is.

    As a US citizen, It's easier for me to get in to Canada than it is for me to get back in to the US... I've crossed the border multiple times and have never been bothered by the Canadians. Just a few polite questions and I'm on my way... I need to be searched thoroughly to get back in to the country I was born in... Seems like there is a bit of a disconnect.

    I live in a country of sheep. :mad:

  3. Leave your guns and shit behind bro, and common in eh.
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    The court challenge right now is the best hope we have at the moment, but we are also moving backwards with the federal bill that aims to impose mandatory prison sentences for drug production and sales.

    From what I have read, even though there were tons of witnesses claiming how absolutely stupid this Bill is, Stephen Harper wants it done, and has the Liberals voting to pass it as well as his own Conservatives, so it seems like it is almost guaranteed to pass.

    Automatic jail terms headed for passage

    (not the best story but the first one i found that explains the gist of it)

    The sentences that are coming with the new Bill are


    • Trafficking: 1-2 YEARS minimum

    • Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking: 1-2 YEARS minimum

    • Importing/Exporting: 1 YEAR minimum

    • Possession for the Purpose of Exporting: 1 YEAR minimum

    • Production of 1 - 200 plants: 6 MONTHS minimum
    With Health and Safety Factors: 9 MONTHS minimum

    • Production of 201 - 500 plants: 1 YEAR minimum
    With Health and Safety Factors: 18 MONTHS minimum

    • Production of more than 500 plants: 2 YEARS minimum
    With Health and Safety Factors: 3 YEARS minimum

    • Production of oil or resin: 1 YEAR minimum
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    Ignatieff is a fucking puppet just like Harper.

    One of the Ontario MP's said it best - he looked at the other MP's in the house and asked how many of them could tell him the existing minimum sentences... noone could... so he went on to say that if "we" the legislators don't know the laws how do we expect the criminals to. What effect will this have other than crowding our prisons because of opportunity put in place by a prohibition during an economic downturn?
  6. I'm extremely worried about this, how did such a position come about in Canada? This would be the absolute worst step for the Canadian government to take, I mean, has it worked in the US? DURRR NO!
  7. The conservative/liberal parties are so out of touch that they actually both agree with this bill... the liberals don't want to appear "soft on crime"... what a fucking joke.

    Honestly, write your rep!
  8. As much as I hate to say it, I might have to consider NDP next election, there is no way I'll be throwing a vote to the Liberals/Conservatives. I am getting really sick of the Conservatives smear campaign against Ignatieff too, although I don't like him either.

    It seems rediculous to me that the Liberals are supporting this, since they have attempted and failed to do the exact opposite (decriminalize Cannabis) a couple times in the last decade if I remember correctly. To me, this Bill would be the perfect time for a vote of non-confidence and getting the fucking Conservatives out.
  9. Does anyone know a date when this will be up for discussion?

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